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Winfrith's prices change after loading a game



What happens:

The prices at Winfrith change after the game is loaded. The prices at Hendyna seem to work properly.

If an item is clicked so it goes in the trade section and then back up it has the proper price again.


Prices after loading the game:



Prices after they've been put in "Trade" section and back up. These are correct.



How to reproduce:

Save game. Load dame. See Winfrith's prices.



The price is corrected if the item is put in the trade section.

Checked Hendyna's prices as well to see if all shopkeepers are affected but they stay the same.

The buggy prices are very low - looks like they are the base price of an item before the calculation for the actual price is done.

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Hello cdx,


Thank you for your posting. We are aware of this issue and it is being evaluated by our programmers for a solution. You should see the bug resolved in one of our future updates.


I hope you are enjoying the backer beta and thank you for your continued support!

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