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[v278 issue] Camping supplies availability not refreshing at tavern



Probably been reported somewhere but searching didn't show any relevant result so I'll post just in case.



Playing on Hard with the same party for a while, I now find myself with no Camping Supplies and a tavern merchant not offering any anymore.

- I tried resting at the inn for about a week, see if his inventory would refresh: no dice

- Tried zoning out, going to other area, come back: no dice


Now I have no supplies left and none anywhere to be found. Means every time I need a rest, I need to hike all the way back to the inn....


I'm guessing it's just a matter of always allowing merchants to refresh their camping supplies inventory..or something. If not, well, I don't really find 3-5 loading screens and zooming through empty areas just to click on the "rent room" button at the local tavern that interesting, game-play wise :)

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