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Companion returns to life after return to Dyrford...and more



Due to the number of stuff I kept doing after the issue I'm not sure I can reproduce it, however I can list the steps I did.  Also, I didn't save after the issue and a few minutes later the game crashed...(the crash is unrelated to the issue, I believe it was due to memory leak during a fight in the Ogre's cave).




BB Fighter died (permanently) in a battle against beetles. After returning to Dyrford, BB Figher was alive and BB Rogue portrait wasn't available although the rogue existed in the field (I could also select him).



1) During a fight against beetles (in Dyrford Crossing), BB Fighter "dies" by losing all his health.  After the fight he is maimed.

2) The party engages another beetle and BB Fighter falls again while trying to escape.

3) At the end of the fight BB Fighter dies permanently and his portrait disappears, as expected.

4) The party returns to Dyrford by leaving through the NW exit. After arriving to the village BB Fighter's portrait reappears while BB Rogue's portrait disappears.  Both BB Figher and BB Rogue are present on-screen and selectable.  BB Rogue character and inventory screen are unreachable.  - see Screen1

5) I was able to hire 2 more characters (one of them a Ranger) in the Inn. That way I had a party with 8 characters (including the Ranger's pet stag) - see Screen 2

6) I returned to Dyrford Crossing by leaving the exit above the tower and after the bridge. When the area loaded, BB Rogue wasn't present on-screen.


Expected behavior:

BB Fighter should have stayed dead and BB Rogue shouldn't disappear from the party.



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Hello Garm,


Fortunately we are well aware of this issue and it is one of our higher priorities in finding a resolution before the next update. The bug occurs when any of the BB party members are permanently defeated and removed from the party and then you return to Dyrford Village. When this happens, the defeated party members will return to your party and often either overwrite the party position of another party member or sometimes cause positioning issues with the entire party. We are working hard to ensure that this bug is fixed asap.


Thank you for your assistance in the backer beta!

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