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  1. If we are looking for build flexibility BG1 and 2 are much more restrictive. I think it just boils down to the fact that the PoE system is new to you. I'm sure that after a few more hours around the game you will be able to create those builds you mention.
  2. Will the other goodies (other than the game) be available before the release date?
  3. I also wondered about this when I ordered the book from Book Depository. They are almost certainly the same book and probably the image used by Book Depository is an old one or with a weird effect.
  4. Yeah, it's a really good beginner's guide. And the best part is that it is a very useful guide even for not so beginner players.
  5. Maybe they could add a statue or something like that in the graveyard where all the gravestones with Backer's texts are. Sensuki's efforts during the Beta period should be acknowledged in-game.
  6. Due to the number of stuff I kept doing after the issue I'm not sure I can reproduce it, however I can list the steps I did. Also, I didn't save after the issue and a few minutes later the game crashed...(the crash is unrelated to the issue, I believe it was due to memory leak during a fight in the Ogre's cave). Issue: BB Fighter died (permanently) in a battle against beetles. After returning to Dyrford, BB Figher was alive and BB Rogue portrait wasn't available although the rogue existed in the field (I could also select him). Steps: 1) During a fight against beetles (in Dyrford
  7. Good news: 5 minutes to complete the download! Bad news: it's 23:30 here and I have to work tomorrow...
  8. I was watching one of the Gamescom feeds and noticed a small detail and I was wondering if it is a design choice or a bug. I'm talking about the floating text from ambient conversations that stays over the UI in many occasions. It's a small detail and it doesn't really bother me, but I think the UI should always be on top.
  9. Am I the only one that occasionaly tries to control the cursor while watching these videos in fullscreen? Someone asked a few pages ago about the blue/red glow that sometimes appear over the character's head... I'm thinking that could be the result of the paladin's aura.
  10. The piglet "companion" is so random...I like it. The battle with the Ogre went pretty well considering the beetle fiasco. The game is looking good and my nostalgia levels are off the charts - well done, Obsidian!
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