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  1. So I've been a lurker and occasional poster on these boards and I've read a few threads lately about how buffing abilities need to either be castable pre battle or they feel bad. Well here's just a quick suggestion that may sway some others to like to keep it the way it is, balance pending, of course. Give every buffing ability a more immediate and tangible effect, for example, if you cast a "haste" spell, it cancels the receiving targets next rest period, as well as it's usable effect. I think this is a great middle ground that prevents players from wanting to be able to pre-buff
  2. Eh... I disagree. Chrono Trigger A Link to the Past Nethack Diablo Warcraft 3 Baldur's Gate Baldur's Gate 2 Planescape Torment World of Warcraft in late Vanilla and early BC Civilization 4: BTS I could name more. All of the above were amazing games, and widely acclaimed. Not for everyone of course, but nothing is, and out of the people who loved those games you won't find many stating that they'd want much changed in them. ie: I doubt too many who backed PoE who did so because the spirit of Baldur's Gate was primarily channeled would want to change much about that game.
  3. A lot of players really enjoy having the feel of creating their party and controlling the strengths/weaknesses of their party - IE, forming how that party member plays in an example of this. I think the OP's point is excellent, personally.
  4. Logged in just to up this. So vital that talents spells be VERY explicitly clear about EXACTLY what they do. it empowers the player to make valuable decisions and never feel fuzzy about if they did the right thing.
  5. Being able to boost your primary attributes at every new level has always been bad design. You'd be able to break the game way too easily. Or it could just be balanced to allow some odd amount of stat increases throughout the game?
  6. What you are discussing seriously negates a lot of the value of Action Speed - i am not a fan of this, and I find pre-buffing to be tedious and unfun.
  7. Thing I dont like about this level is you're wondering "well what abilties will I get later and will this choice cripple me later?
  8. But your thought process here is terribly flawed. You're doing 18 odd strength or whatever damage bonus u get from the beginning, second 1. Potential is potential, not a realized thing. Either stats are realized now or stats need to be set for you, because potential is just a stupid term that doesn't exist in a video game where you control everything. And it doesn't even accurately represent the thing you are talking about. I'm not saying my way is better or worse, but calling the current system potential is just flat out silly.
  9. Give ranged abilities a significant aim penalty if the champion has moved in xyz time.
  10. I'm having a real hard time enjoying Wasteland. It feels like they were so close to a masterpiece of a game, but so many little things nag at you that the process becomes more tedious than enjoyable. If my sniper with min/maxed skills shoots his friend in the back one more time, or his 3% chance to jam weapon jams MULTIPLE times in the same fight, and my team for some reason cannot make a formation in which to not shoot each other in the back, this game could be so much better. The Camera is so awful, literally your window into the game, that it makes doing everything hard. There a
  11. Well, regardless of what happens, I'll probably want to install a mod that gives me 1 attribute per level up, and play on a harder difficulty level to accomodate, or have all the skill checks increased slightly. I just think it's vastly more fun to see my character grow in more than 1 direction.
  12. I didn't know players were made of stupid with brains formed out of pudding.
  13. I have only 3 comments -Resolve seems very broken. -Is dexterity really "attack speed" only, or is it for "speed?"? -Perception seems way too ranged, centric, and needs something to make it more attractive for melee classes.
  14. Love this idea. More customization is better, and this is very structured.
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