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  1. I came to visit the forums after a few months and glad I got to see this. Thanks Sensuki for all your hard work. There were many things I learned from your videos and even learned some of the mechanics that were in Baldur's Gate that I didn't know before, even though I also replay it every year. When I first got the beta I was having lots of troubles with the beetles but luckily right after that I saw your videos on how to deal with them and it all became clear on how to approach combat from then on. I still won't support this game because there just too many design decisions that I just can't agree with and never will. I'm sorry I didn't show support for you're ideas very much even though I agreed with most of them. I should have been more supportive, but some of the things in real life really put me on the edge at that time, along with my waning support for this game Also sorry to hear that the people who were criticizing your critique videos got to you. Overall I thought that your videos were very well received and I didn't find them at all harsh. There are some serious fruitcakes on this forum if they found THAT harsh. Or maybe it was their only retort against your ideas, who knows. You're a great presenter and your knowledge of figuring out game mechanics is well above most people. I seriously hope you one day get in to game development. You would definitely get my support.
  2. Well it's really the targeting clauses that do all the work. The enemy could easily walk through your tank and destroy your back line considering how poor the tank's damage output is. They could even decide to focus fire your dps melee like rogues and chanters and your tank wouldn't be able to stop them.Especially now that there's a cooldown to the disengagement attacks.
  3. Don't want to derail the thread but in short, it depends on how many and which enemies are engaging you. It's a safer bet to just use other means like ranged weapons/spells and save yourself a disengagement hit.
  4. A word of caution. They aren't in this quest, but watch out for elder orb beholders. They have imprisonment.
  5. It was only last year that i discovered you can actually cook a dog stew for them I can't believe i still find new stuff in the game.
  6. Yes the xp you get at this level is worth it. And i said he missed it because he's already at the umber hulks
  7. @PrimeJunta Before you leave the keep look for a furnace (not the kitchen) on the ground floor and try to find a way to use it for something, you won't regret it.
  8. Yeah, only out of their kindness though. Beta still works but I'm not even going to bother with it anymore.
  9. I expected **** like this but wow.... they are actually 100% set on this path. I now regret nothing.
  10. I'm pretty sure the reason why the difference in experience varies is probably due to bugs. I read, maybe 2 days ago, someone saying they were hitting 400 dmg with his rogue. also yeah... http://i.imgur.com/5rqNETB.jpg?1
  11. Yeah that's a given. Just thought I would help narrow the bug down on what might be causing the problem, since I remembered encountering something similar, but i never reported it because I think I had trouble replicating it.
  12. Try the ability from further away so that the enemy is standing near the edge of the cone or even further. I think i remember encountering having the same bug, but i noticed that it did hit the enemy that was further back for some reason.
  13. You can save Coran if you're fast enough in killing/intercepting the enemy.
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