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  1. Godlikes are most characteristic. IMHO each godlike head should have a dedicated avatar.
  2. That bug is only for companions, so... I don't care.
  3. TotalBiscuit had a take on that matter, and I totally agree with this opinion. TL;DR: this is total nonsense.
  4. Revolutionary graphics? But PoE looks better. I don't see any "revolutionary graphics" there. Physics are nice, map editor fun, but that's it. Animations are medicore if not to say bad, textures look like from Medieval Total War (1), and... There's barely anything else in there. This is an engine for action RPG, nothing related to PoE.
  5. Stop these hyperbolic statements. No one skill is "used for all". For all really important things like finding traps, opening goody chests and finding hidden stuff that lets you progress or get more goodies (including some cool magical items). Opening chests is decided by mechanics, finding traps and hidden stuff is decided by perception. These are two different skills.
  6. I heard something about patch being released this week, but it all depends on how they go with fixing big problems like the one described in this thread. The fact that they want to make all of the fixes retroactive - fixing problems in existing save games - only makes it more difficult and time-taking. So... hope for a Friday patch, but don't cry if it'll be delayed for next week. No need for name-calling! Most of the people never see the bugs you do and have a blast, cause it's a really great game.
  7. You confused PoE with Wasteland 2? Sorry, but I play PoE is full of colors and amazing, memorable landscapes.
  8. Weight without volume is not realistic. It's just a waste of devs time to fill hundreds of items with weight values just to end up with total paradoxes such as a person backpack being full with 20 daggers or 3 armors... where 20 daggers can easily fit the backpack, but having anything more than one body armor in a backpack is weird and detached from reality. Not to mention that running back and forth between half-finished dungeon and nearest shop to dump all of the equipment is not only tedious and miserable job, but also completely breaks any sparks of realism and immersion created by adding weight to the items.
  9. I never got such an impression from the podcast. He seem to be very well informed and talks about everything as it did happen.
  10. From a podcast: lol WHAT?! First time I heard of anyone being upset with PoE, it's actually first time I heard anyone even saying anything about this tombstone (and yes - I did see it in a game). He is very aware of that, he points it out at the beginning of a podcast.
  11. Two? What for? It's not automatic. It's stat-based. You won't see everything as soon as you enter scout mode. It works identically to opening locks and everything else. And somehow I haven't seen a threads with people complaining how bad it is that they get locks opened automatically. Stop these hyperbolic statements. No one skill is "used for all".
  12. You don't need to find every single secret in the game. It balances very nicely without you ever sneaking your way through every location. There's absolutely no reason to sneak everywhere. Noone is forcing you to use sneaking. Just enjoy the game instead of doing what you don't like. There are secret end hidden objects that don't require you to use sneaking. Best example would be Scepter in Ondra's Gift.
  13. Better, more interactive stronghold - let me hire some workers (the throne shouldn't be able to hire workers on it's own, I should go to the village and hire people for work before being able to build anything), let me hire a cook for my inn, let them move around the keep and do some stuff - take care of plants and trees, swipe the floor, clean the books from dust, etc. Perhaps also add some animals like birds that would be disturbed if you come too close. Your keep should be alive and change depending on a time of day. More interaction with companions - and when they are sent into the keep - give them something to do there. At least let them walk around during a day and sleep in a bed during the night. More stat, race and sex-depended dialogs - we have so many different combinations yet I feel like it's not being used often enough. More people walking by or sitting / laying on a ground - especially backer NPCs. Would be good to make them walk around or visit shops at certain hours. Spells that add modifiers making difference - So for example Blizzard should reduce damage from fire spells or water-based spells should increase damage from electricity-based spells but reduce damage from corrode-based spells. Weather system in some locations - eg. occasional rain or fog or cloudy day (with shadows of clouds moving through the map) More of this awesome music? Please? Additional Combat soundtracks would be great, perhaps tracks that depend on a types of opponents? (eg. different for shadows and spectres, different for dragons and drakes, different for Xaurip?) (least important) More people to put in a jail and whatever you can put someone in a jail or not should be decided by your stats, not be fully automated - Pretty much every sentient boss should be jail-able, only they should do checks against different stats (eg. knight against Might, mage against Will, etc. don't be afraid to put very high-end checks even in early bosses). Also if enemy is vastly outnumbered by much more powerful party - he should either escape or try to surrender into the jail. No more "6 adventurers vs 1 scientist" fights to the death. What in my opinion should not be in a game from stuff mentioned Respec - way too immersion breaking, feels more like something from an MMO than a proper RPG. More classes / races / sub-races - we already have plenty. Arrows, bullets and bolts - needless micromanagement. Multiplayer - waste of time and money, I'd much rather have it spent on making better single player experience. Changing or removing Health & Endurance mechanic - it works brilliantly, really does the job great with balancing the game and preventing pointless save-load-save-load cycle.
  14. No. It only adds more micromanagement and running between dungeons and shops for little gain in immersion. If someone wants to have encumbrance - he is free not to use the stash.
  15. Or you could just use one of your companions for that.... Also - you know that the game won't collapse if you will not discover every single hidden item that exists in there, do you? Cause I have a very strong impression that you don't.
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