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  1. Steam wont install game for me (stuck in Pre-load) I would like to get some help in how to make steam wake up and decrypt the game. Tried everything I can think of restart Steam my PC deleting PoE cache.
  2. I agree they both fix into the big overall genre bracket of RPG but they are different subgenres of RPG, so yes comparisons are all well and good as long as the stay fixed to the generalized area of cRPGs and the bits that of overlap. The same applies for comparisons with Planescape Torment and Baldur's Gate. Now for me DS3 story is better than 1 or 2 and the gameplay is far more interesting, as for reviews personally I find the scoring system to be pointless for making my choices about the game outside of the few that get get low scores (IE it only good at showing if X a piece of junk or not, out side of that well it not really much help), the comments are more helpful.
  3. Maybe your problem is that your over-leveled for where you are? Well you could try this use Steams "Verify Integrity of Game Cache" option in the games properties, then Steam runs a quick check on your game files and fixes any errors it finds. It will rule of any chance of corruption of a data file.
  4. Hints 101: think about what equipment you want to use. Basicly attack increases all damage and will increases all skills powers (attack skills get increased by both). Agility increases crit chance, stamina health, armour is % damage reduction, block is extra protection in block mode BTW these decrease the higher you level (IE for a lvl 1 2 agility might give 10% crit but on a lvl 2 you need 3 agility for 10% crit, see you Charater sheet for crit chance). BTW remember that your Two Hander is Lucas' AOE stance and his Sword and Shield is single target/boss focused (same applies for skills in the stances), Ideally you want to be using your 2hander and your basic ability "Blade dash" as an opener versus mass should chop down 50%+ of the mob and gets you next to the pesky archers and then 1 hit dead. Also Dodge Dodge Dodge! As when dodging your invincible. BTW don't do the main "caves" quest at lvl 2 do the 3 side quests for the folk in raven's rill first. If you still finding it to hard try one of the other characters (as they all got at lest one ranged stance).
  5. Well for fire (burn) there's talents on the fire girl that gives special abilities 100% chance of applying it, so I guess this is why fire/burn is weaker than poison. Lucas does the same for Bleed via talents (100%). The rest has some kind of bonus secondary effect apart from lighting (the odd ball stat. BTW Bloodletting/Bleed is another odd ball one with its high chance of moderate damage over 6 secs. TBH I would like to know more about these effects like what is high moderate and low chances? And what damage does a low medium and heavy damage type do with power X? I know that high numbers means more damage/secondary effect for weakening etc.
  6. Its not Lucas that do it but you with your Anjali second defensive ability "Ignite: Anjali will set her weapon ablaze increasing its damage per second. When used empowered, it would set ablaze the weapons of all party members".
  7. Unique always drop if they drop from a chest or a named mob, at lest that what I seen IE if Mr X drops X's sword of X then he always drops it.
  8. You get them after you spent a point in a talent (as long as you don't spend any points in the first option this freezes the skill), and you levelled up. The other characters (the none picked ones) get them as well but only 1 to start with then they get +1 per training time (IE if you just pick one up at level 4 you only have 1 freebee until lvl 5 if pick up at lvl 10 you still have one freebee skill on that character. BTW I am using the PC version so it might be a PC bug.
  9. BTW you dont want to spend any points in Steady Aim (agility boost) talent unless you want to gimp your self as this talent along with all the other top left most ones on the other characters gets +1 point per time you spend talent points (IE by ignoring it you get it for free)
  10. Theres 2 things 1) you sure that your Lucas has Lifesteal upgrades? (as maybe the version of Lucas in that game not specced for it, worth checking) And 2) that you are casting the ability (as I find it easy to interrupt the casting of defensive abilities/or think you casted it to find you haven't).
  11. I Guess it the same thing as happened to me before Steam see your Sound card output as a microphone input if so do this should fix it. Go into steam view setting and change the voice "when voice chat is active" from when ever I speak to "Use Key to transmit" and leave as none or change it to some key you need move.
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