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  1. So this is not just a button masher game So long as it is better then Dungeon Hunter Alliance, you get 10 Health Potions, you wake up to a boss, and before you hit the button you are almost dead, was crazy. You end up sucking health potions like a mad man and the mobs level with you, sucks
  2. So I played Dungeon Siege 1 and Broken World all on the PC back in the day completed them all on normal or better modes I was sooo happy when I heard 3 was coming, after seeing it was made for consoles I got the X-box 360 Verison. So I started up a new game playing as Lucas on Casual Mode to get a fill of the game before moving to Normal and Hardcore. I played through the "Tutorial" Level, killing everything, nothing really hurt me at all. Now I am Level 2, and just past the first Village of Raven
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