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  1. Its the update, simply delete the game from ps3 (not your save files) run the game re-install dont update and continue play. since your playing offline anyways. life leach is broken in online play for everyone other than host, no weapons with life leach or abilites work. But as i said host will be able to have life leach.
  2. Did discover that ANYthing related to life leach is broken. This includes weapons and abilities. SO in conclusion to this non helpful thread LIFE LEACH IS BROKE
  3. Just realized that if you hit start and switch to take a break the computer that fights for you does in fact receive the abilities.
  4. ok so now im sure that none of the abilities secondary abilities are working for the people that join the host. so all abilities are screwed up actually this ruins online play. Scratch that its a tough call. I'd like for someone else to give an opinion. but im 75% sure its all abilities
  5. LoL read first dude, yup and yup, not everyone is a tard. Just test it out for yourself
  6. Thanks chain, so it's not just the voice that's been affected. Tigranes - I didn't play past the opening video. I was worried about there being other bugs. So, the only bug I encountered was the missing voice. By playing without downloading any updates though, the voice is present on the opening movie (and presumably on the cut scenes and ending, based on what chain said). It seems like, for the moment, playing without the game updates is my best option, unless the 14 MB of updates currently up for the PS3 fix more severe issues... Do they? No problem. You got rid of the update in order for the sound to be restored just to be clear
  7. Just going to add one more example since this issue is hard to explain, Say you use Lucas's healing ability and you already have life steal secondary effect maxed out. (and your not host) when you attack npc you gain no life. blades with life steal may work im not sure honestly once i realized what was happening from the update and found out host was unaffected i havn't gotten back on. feel free to test out my discoveries.
  8. And I'll say this again just in case, Host is FINE no problems with any abilities or secondary effects.
  9. Just like the title mate "abilities" its not just lucas. its everyones secondary effect, by secondary i mean the choice you have in the ability's ability. of course i have points in, its maxed out. Like i said tho man it was fine yesterday and today before i updated. Like say if you got on the mage and activated his healing ability + the ability you maxed out or put points into. the bonus you put points into does not work. im not sure what else has gotten messed up but i wont be on it till its fixed. again its all characters Healing abilities that have this bug
  10. Read my Healing abilities broke thread if you want to know what else that update screwed up
  11. basically saying only host gets the healing abilities to work properly and not the people that join. Also noticed the voice of the narrator is gone? by narrator i mean the voice and clip that tells you what happened every once in a wile. its mute (for everyone)
  12. Played last night everything was fine, get on today notice a update go to download it and ps3 beeps 3 times resets (same thing happened to all people who tried to dl the update first try) tried it again and succeeded. start playing campaign with friend (he is host) and i notice that lucas's life steal buff isnt working properly (no life stealing) but my friends was and hes the gun chick, so i relog and other crap. eventually i made a game friend joins me as the chick with guns and his life steal isnt working but mine is. Thanks for the update fellas.
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