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  1. My worry is that there's more wrong than just the sound, if something big like eliminating voices was missed when checking the patch. If the patch introduces other issues which are worse or more likely for me to encounter than what they fix, then it's not worth downloading them at the moment. However, without any information about what issues have been fixed with the "mini-patches," I can't make an informed decision. I'm enjoying the game, I love this genre-- I put many, many hours into Sacred 2-- but I'm putting the game on hold for the moment. I've reached Stonebridge without encountering any other bugs, but I don't want to proceed until the "big patch" comes. Hopefully, the big patch will fix the quests that cannot be completed, forcing a re-load of an earlier save. Although, again, that might not be a bug that's present in the game on the disc, minus the updates...perhaps someone knows the answer to that?
  2. Thanks chain, so it's not just the voice that's been affected. Tigranes - I didn't play past the opening video. I was worried about there being other bugs. So, the only bug I encountered was the missing voice. By playing without downloading any updates though, the voice is present on the opening movie (and presumably on the cut scenes and ending, based on what chain said). It seems like, for the moment, playing without the game updates is my best option, unless the 14 MB of updates currently up for the PS3 fix more severe issues... Do they?
  3. Greetings, I did the following: - Updated my 250 GB PS3 Slim to 3.66 - Disconnected from the Internet - Installed DS3 then quit (yes, slowly - I didn't interrupt the process, I waited for everything to load fully) - Reconnected to the Internet - Started DS3 and downloaded the game update (14 MB, to version 1.01 I think it said) - Used the code to download the bonus items (Best Buy) - Set the game's options (set the music and sound to 80 while leaving the others at 100, turned off the targeting reticule, and adjusted the brightness) - Started a new game. During the opening cinematic, there was no voice, only music. I quit the game, restarted it, and still no voice. I restarted the PS3 and started a new game, and still no voice. (I didn't ever play past the opening cinematic) - I then deleted the installed game data, reinstalled, and started a new game (*without* downloading the game update or the DLC). I now have voice for the opening cinematic. So, what is causing the bug with the voice? Can I download the game updates safely? How about the bonus items? If it's not safe to downlaod now, what's the ETA for fixing this? Thanks for the help (presuming you do, in fact, fix this bug...)
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