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  1. Really? On my game, it was dropped by Drakomyr in the Crypt of Heroes. It made sense to me that he dropped it, seeing as how the sword is kinda 'focused on' during the fight : Drakomyr often drags it upon the floor after a particularly heavy hit, and you can hear the sound of the metal on the stone. Yeah I forgot about Crypt of Heroes. Can't edit my original post now
  2. Hi gonna start a thread for Uniques that drop from monsters. I've noticed on several playthroughs that uniques that come from chests are always there. I've seen several Uniques dropped from monsters and was wondering if there is more out there that some people might have found. Item: Foecleaver (Lucas 2h) Stats: 31 Attack 44 Doom 12 Chaos: Bloodletting Dropped from: Hardcore Drakomyr. Item: Goblin Boomstick (Katarina Shotgun) Stats: 33 Attack 55 Doom Dropped from: Goblins in Stonebridge Crypts on Hardcore. Item: Goblin Needle Pistol (Katarina Pistol) Stats: 21 Agility 15 Attack 8 Chaos: Bloodletting Dropped from: Goblins in Stonebridge Crypts on Hardcore. Item: Azunite Staff (Anjali Staff) Stats: 44 Attack 44 Will 56 Chaos: Fire Dropped from: Glitterdelve Mines on Hardcore. I think it's from the Mage guys that shoot the white orbs, not positive. Missed it dropping and found it running back to turn in quest. Will update if I find more. Note: Only played on Hardcore so not sure these can be obtained in other difficulties. Will keep them labeled Hardcore unless someone else can confirm them for other difficulties.
  3. I agree after getting into the Hardcore rhythm it's pretty easy. I can get one shot by most big enemies, but they have such a delay on their attacks it's almost impossible to get hit by anything you can see on the screen. Although I've died miserably to ranged enemies off screen. I think some tweaks to attack timings and increase move speed would make the game a lot harder. Not sure if I can mod my PS3 version though.
  4. I would love to see: -New Characters -New Dungeons -New Loot -New Game + -Harder Difficulty (more mobs, more minibosses, and insane loot) -Ranked Endless Battle (constant waves of enemies, mini-bosses, and bosses) One room endless enemies play till you die with just yourself or friends with an online ranking. -Increased Level Cap (50 or higher) -New Skills -New Talents -Ability to respec proficiencies (Limit one per playthrough to avoid abuse) This is my favorite game I've played in a while and I love the fact I can game with friends in a drop in drop out scenario (Kinda like life friend drops in while I'm playing and they can pick up the controller and start playing with me). So yeah I know I'm not alone in saying I'd pay for more content for something which I enjoy this much.
  5. Just curious if any knows if there is another difficulty setting after beating the game on hardcore. Been playing through as Lucas and not had much trouble aside from Dapper Old Gent.
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