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  1. For some reason I think Deus Ex will be garbage. Watching the videos it looks cool, but I catch small things that would indicate its going to have crappy controls or something else bad. Hopefully i'm wrong, we'll see on the 23rd. My Preorder list is massive. I've got WH40k: Space Marine paid off and waiting, Gears 3 (got the console), Battlefield 3, Rage, MW3 (going to cancel that one, hate COD), RE:Racoon City, Aliens:Colonial Marines, Skyrim, and I think i'm even forgetting one or two. War in the North looks cool, don't know if I'm feeling like it. If it comes out next tuesday i'
  2. Obsidian had better hurry if they want this game to retain any relevancy though. Starting next month the blockbusters start rolling out. They'd be smart to release the first DLC in august or i'd say the sales figures will be cut in half come september. I for one will be looking forward to Warhammer 40K: Space Marine on the 6th of Sept. (Dead Island on that day too) and then on the 20th the godly creation that is Gears of War 3. The Oct we get Battlefield 3, and so much more in the following months. It's going to be an epic holiday season.
  3. Most people play it because they are bored and they've made loads of friends via WoW. The social aspect kept me hooked for years even when I found the game really annoying and boring. That's exactly what kept me playing for the past 3 years. The first 3 it was Vanilla WoW which was new, unique, and very challenging. I loved it. It just became like a second job, getting texts at work telling me I was needed for tanking etc... SW:TOR will still have Tank/Healer/DPS but apparently it's all based on a hybrid system so nobody is stuck doing one thing forever. That's kinda cool. T
  4. MMO's are such a unique monster unto themselves. WoW perfected the long existing mold of MMO gameplay. I'm hoping someone soon can break it with something completely different and unique. I've seen some games that look promising so we'll see how the future goes for them. In the meantime I hope Bethesda wins the rights to the Fallout MMO, and I hope Obsidian is in on the project when it happens.
  5. Not a big enough Star Wars fan to play an MMO based on it. Diablo 3 looks good but the combat worries me a bit. From the gameplay i've seen it looks like a reskinned WoW minus the MMO stuff. I'm sure it'll be fun, but I hope the combat is at least as innovative and fun as DSIII's. You can have a crapton of abilities but if they're not super fun to use it won't matter as much.
  6. Lord of the Rings: War in the North will probably be right up your alley. It's out August 1st I believe.
  7. I'll take any extension of this game. I've said it too many times to the point of annoyance, but I'd love to see a wave defense mode such as an arena with a system of unlocks and such. Would be really really cool. But i'll take any other adventure or expansion material. This game was great.
  8. Actually the AI in this game is rather decent I've found. In hardcore my butt was saved many times by Anjali my computer companion.
  9. Yes but the standards to which video games are made are much higher now. DSIII is a great game, I think the backstory is fine and the campaign was plenty long enough to be a full value game. 11 years ago, very glitchy buggy games were still praised depending on the features and stories because it didn't take a lot to impress back then. Games like Fallout 2 and Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall were fantastic in their own right and offered massive in game worlds with tons to do. We still want that, but if a game released today with as many bugs as those games nobody would buy them. Even Oblivio
  10. -Arena/Last Stand mode on launch. -Open world. -Longer campaign (this one was fine, but i'm talking even LONGER) -More diverse loot (More types in general, more uniques, set pieces, items with auras etc) - 1-2 more characters. The 4 there are now are perfect, but who wouldn't want more options? Another melee person would be great. -Bigger focus on the multi-player, much bigger. If this game had a more robust feature set it could be a Diablo contender. IMO
  11. That's for sure. Like the impatient guys who start my FEAR matches before everyone has ammo. Frustrates the piss out of me. It's really really hard to grief in DSIII. Well that's not entirely true, you can stand at the opposite edge and screw the camera up pretty bad and get everyone killed. Another reason for camera fixes!
  12. I'm so glad I quit WoW. It was like quitting a bad job towards the end. I was getting texts at work asking to tank stuff... If I ever play another MMO, it will have to be either the Fallout or Warhammer 40k mmo's.
  13. That's what I've been saying, it is really hard to play any other ARPG now and even RPGs like Dragon Age. I am absolutely convinced after seeing all Diablo 3 videos that Dungeon Siege 3 has superior combat. But Diablo 3 will have huge advantages-->customizable gender for each class, better skill synergies and richer loot/equipment system. Btw, until Dungeon Siege 3 I have always played as a mage class in every game. Reinhart is awesome. Yeah Diablo 3 will be brilliant. Blizzard is definitely the exception and not the rule. While I wish every game could be made to th
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