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  1. For some reason I think Deus Ex will be garbage. Watching the videos it looks cool, but I catch small things that would indicate its going to have crappy controls or something else bad. Hopefully i'm wrong, we'll see on the 23rd. My Preorder list is massive. I've got WH40k: Space Marine paid off and waiting, Gears 3 (got the console), Battlefield 3, Rage, MW3 (going to cancel that one, hate COD), RE:Racoon City, Aliens:Colonial Marines, Skyrim, and I think i'm even forgetting one or two. War in the North looks cool, don't know if I'm feeling like it. If it comes out next tuesday i'll give it a spin, but its time will be short. DS3's days might be limited, but this is a good show of what polish and quality Obsidian can deliver. I sincerely hope that if/when Bethesda wins the rights to the Fallout MMO, that they bring Obsidian in on it.
  2. Obsidian had better hurry if they want this game to retain any relevancy though. Starting next month the blockbusters start rolling out. They'd be smart to release the first DLC in august or i'd say the sales figures will be cut in half come september. I for one will be looking forward to Warhammer 40K: Space Marine on the 6th of Sept. (Dead Island on that day too) and then on the 20th the godly creation that is Gears of War 3. The Oct we get Battlefield 3, and so much more in the following months. It's going to be an epic holiday season.
  3. Most people play it because they are bored and they've made loads of friends via WoW. The social aspect kept me hooked for years even when I found the game really annoying and boring. That's exactly what kept me playing for the past 3 years. The first 3 it was Vanilla WoW which was new, unique, and very challenging. I loved it. It just became like a second job, getting texts at work telling me I was needed for tanking etc... SW:TOR will still have Tank/Healer/DPS but apparently it's all based on a hybrid system so nobody is stuck doing one thing forever. That's kinda cool. Tera looks neat with its political system and its gorgeous. But none of them interest me as they're all based on the same mold being used since Everquest. Fallout MMO and Warhammer 40k Online would be the 2 to get me back into MMO's, even if they're the same cookie cutter mold although I hope for new innovations by then. Given Obsidian's work on the previous Fallout games and New Vegas, I hope they're at least brought in to some capacity to work on the Fallout MMO. Vigil is doing 40k the MMO (the Darksiders guys) and I couldn't be happier, Darksiders was a great game in my opinion. Fedex quests lol. Yeah hear ya there. Definitely got tired of the "go here, kill this, bring me 10 livers" quests. They really didn't start they're good quest stride until Lich King. I just can't ever bring myself back to play WoW, its like quitting drugs.
  4. MMO's are such a unique monster unto themselves. WoW perfected the long existing mold of MMO gameplay. I'm hoping someone soon can break it with something completely different and unique. I've seen some games that look promising so we'll see how the future goes for them. In the meantime I hope Bethesda wins the rights to the Fallout MMO, and I hope Obsidian is in on the project when it happens.
  5. Not a big enough Star Wars fan to play an MMO based on it. Diablo 3 looks good but the combat worries me a bit. From the gameplay i've seen it looks like a reskinned WoW minus the MMO stuff. I'm sure it'll be fun, but I hope the combat is at least as innovative and fun as DSIII's. You can have a crapton of abilities but if they're not super fun to use it won't matter as much.
  6. Lord of the Rings: War in the North will probably be right up your alley. It's out August 1st I believe.
  7. I'll take any extension of this game. I've said it too many times to the point of annoyance, but I'd love to see a wave defense mode such as an arena with a system of unlocks and such. Would be really really cool. But i'll take any other adventure or expansion material. This game was great.
  8. Actually the AI in this game is rather decent I've found. In hardcore my butt was saved many times by Anjali my computer companion.
  9. Yes but the standards to which video games are made are much higher now. DSIII is a great game, I think the backstory is fine and the campaign was plenty long enough to be a full value game. 11 years ago, very glitchy buggy games were still praised depending on the features and stories because it didn't take a lot to impress back then. Games like Fallout 2 and Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall were fantastic in their own right and offered massive in game worlds with tons to do. We still want that, but if a game released today with as many bugs as those games nobody would buy them. Even Oblivion and the new Fallout games as buggy as they can be, aren't anything like the games back then. DSIII is high quality with zero bugs and glitches, you don't often see that even these days. The fact is gamers now mostly want to play only the high end AAA titles like Skyrim. Dungeon Siege had its best stride a decade ago or however long ago it released, and its more difficult to bring new picky gamers into your worlds than it was back in the day when PC gaming was dominant and consoles were still fledgling. Now Diablo I and II are the exception, not the rule. Samwise and Metzen have always had an amazing talent for writing fiction for their games, and they're both also killer artists. I remember opening and reading the Diablo I manual and being bewildered at the artwork and story to the game. But again, Blizzard always makes 10/10 games and has all of eternity to develop them, which no other developer has such a luxury.
  10. -Arena/Last Stand mode on launch. -Open world. -Longer campaign (this one was fine, but i'm talking even LONGER) -More diverse loot (More types in general, more uniques, set pieces, items with auras etc) - 1-2 more characters. The 4 there are now are perfect, but who wouldn't want more options? Another melee person would be great. -Bigger focus on the multi-player, much bigger. If this game had a more robust feature set it could be a Diablo contender. IMO
  11. That's for sure. Like the impatient guys who start my FEAR matches before everyone has ammo. Frustrates the piss out of me. It's really really hard to grief in DSIII. Well that's not entirely true, you can stand at the opposite edge and screw the camera up pretty bad and get everyone killed. Another reason for camera fixes!
  12. I'm so glad I quit WoW. It was like quitting a bad job towards the end. I was getting texts at work asking to tank stuff... If I ever play another MMO, it will have to be either the Fallout or Warhammer 40k mmo's.
  13. That's what I've been saying, it is really hard to play any other ARPG now and even RPGs like Dragon Age. I am absolutely convinced after seeing all Diablo 3 videos that Dungeon Siege 3 has superior combat. But Diablo 3 will have huge advantages-->customizable gender for each class, better skill synergies and richer loot/equipment system. Btw, until Dungeon Siege 3 I have always played as a mage class in every game. Reinhart is awesome. Yeah Diablo 3 will be brilliant. Blizzard is definitely the exception and not the rule. While I wish every game could be made to the same quality that Blizzard games are, I know that's not possible as it seems they have the funds to develop games for 10 years and produce gold every time. Of course they do have the WoW cash cow. Raking in that much money I imagine any developer could produce 10/10 games every time.
  14. I think that's fairly compensated by the sheer amount of how many times you have to dodge. On any boss in hardcore if you don't basically roll in a complete circle some times you can eat several bolts and meet instant death. That was one of the things I loved about Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. You could block and block-counter, but it wasn't necessary at all. I rolled 10 times more than I blocked in that game.
  15. I have to completely agree with you there. In a game like this people complain that its unfinished. What the hell is unfinished about it? You are absolutely right, and the majority of the complaints were simply features they wanted in the game, not necessarily left out. Dungeon Siege is complete, and excellent. Do we want more of it? Of course!
  16. Last night I took a break from running for my life in FEAR3, and I booted up some Dungeon Siege III to continue my playthrough as Lucas on Hardcore. Playing as Lucas reminds me of how amazing the combat system in this game really is compared to all these other ARPG's out there. Being the only pure melee option you would think Lucas would be hurting in a game with tons of ranged attacks. And sure, it's a tad harder on some bosses. But he has such an excellent array of skills at your disposal, he is really brutal in combat and I love it. This games combat system should really be the standard of which all companies base their future ARPG games. I'm not saying they should copy this exact system, but instead of just clicking until something dies, make truly innovative and fun combat systems like this. Without potions or instant heal spells, having to dodge while your HP refills slowly is a real challenge. In addition to bosses like Maru-Yatum where you are dodging tons of crap on screen at once. I just had to post this because even after playing this game for quite some time, i'm still having a ton of fun with it. I really can't wait for add on content to boost our play experience. This game is top notch from start to finish.
  17. Most epic of epic high fives there. This is what I tried to explain to the Brink community, and why Brink should have more than one boring game mode to repeat endlessly. If they included some other fun options to play around with, you don't have to play it if you don't want to. But don't kill the fun for thousands of others that will love it. Which reminds me about Arena in Dungeon Siege III....
  18. Man have to disagree on Katarina. She's sexy all around, voice and all. She can cast some of them thar witch spells on me anytime. Giggity Giggity Goo
  19. Too Human was garbage. Should have stayed as a Playstation 1 game, or whatever it was originally planned to be 12 years ago. That game doesn't hold a torch to DSIII. Even DSIII's weakest elements are better than Too Human. The only thing Too Human has over DSIII is more diverse loot. At least that's my opinion.
  20. Yeah its a good idea when doing that to not sell the gear for her character (unless its crap gear). However 80% of the world drops still favor the hosts character, this is where it needs tweaking in a coop game. It wouldn't matter which character she selected, they'd level up to your level regardless as to if they've been played or not. It's just about the gear.
  21. I've had plenty of fun with DSIII. I'm only taking a break now to play Fear 3 (which is awesome). If they fix the camera and tweak the loot, I foresee a huge surge in its multiplayer community. I still enjoy jumping into random games and helping out, i'd just like my character to not be a gimp when I do so. I jumped into someones Hardcore final boss fight as Reinhart, and I think I was doing like 30-50 damage with his standard entropy attack. Fix the camera, fix the loot = win
  22. Obsidian Defense Squad, i'm assuming. If you're going to play coop with your girlfriend then you should play start to finish together. Never use the same save to play solo or her characters gear will suffer. She'll always be the same level regardless, but as you play together she'll get a few drops in the game world (like 20% of what you do) and you should use all your gold to purchase her better items. You'll find plenty of good gear for your character questing. The loot in this game needs some tweaking in multiplayer. Just balanced out really, its not broken, or horrible like some people are saying. And now that PC's have keybinding, only the camera truly needs fixing.
  23. You might have enjoyed Oblivion but rock-solid it definitely wasn't. The bad performance, the bad UI, the broken game mechanics, the bugs, the crashes, the horrible VA, and the terrible animations are all things that made Oblivion a terribly unpolished game. Oops, totally spelled the wrong word. I actually meant to say "Obsidian is friggin' awesome". My bad. On that note, however, I loved Oblivion too. Obsidian had nothing to do with that, though. Not sure why I typed Oblivion. I wasn't even thinking about that game. Weird. That's a pretty funny typo. Oblivion is great, but all of the Bethesda games like that are bug riddled. I'm sure its because of the massive scope of the game. You'd have to let like 200 or so gamers have the full version for a few months to discover most of the glitches, the game world is just massive. I'd be fine if the DSIII camera was left like the single player camera. I just hate that as soon as a human joins my game, it shifts to that terrible view and links the camera movement to your allies position. That needs to be changed. I don't see why characters can't be tethered by distance instead of camera. In no way do I want my camera angle to shift because a buddy is running around trying to avoid projectiles. Especially the way targeting works in this game. They move, camera shifts, and I miss. It's bollocks =)
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