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[392] Can't change the "Next Tab" Control



In this video, you will see that unbinding the "Next Tab" function in the controls does nothing, and that TAB still cycles through characters in the inventory and character record. I should have also bound a different key to it and shown that it does nothing and TAB still cycles through characters in that situation too.

This is because this function is hard coded to the TAB key in the source code, which was probably temporarily implemented before these controls were set up, but forgotten to be changed.

You can see in this screenshot, the instance where it is used in the UICharacterSheetManager class


You can also tell this is the code because of the use of if (GameInput.GetKeyUp(KeyCode.Tab)) - which probably is a typo, and should have been GetKeyDown; If you hold the TAB button while in the inventory or character record ... nothing happens ... until you release the key, and THEN it changes characters.


Expected Result: Unbinding this function should stop the TAB key from cycling through characters in both the character record and the inventory, and binding a new key to it should work.

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