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[301] Inventory won't show weapon




Inventory doesn't show my weapon when I open the inventory screen. Unequipping and reequipping fixes the issue.




  1. Start a New Game
  2. Create a character (I made a Fire Godlike Barbarian with the "start with a greatsword" culture)
  3. Open Inventory
  4. Observe that weapon isn't shown


[Expected Behavior]

All equipped items should be shown when first opening inventory.




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Hello Matt516,


Thank you for the posting. I have added this issue to our database and updated the known issues list as well. This issue was related to Save/Load and always hides the weapons and shields of the character first shown when the inventory opens. Switching between characters in the inventory will refresh the paperdoll and show the weapons and shields as normal.


Thanks again and keep up the good work!  :lol:

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