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[364] Can't pick up *Pilgrims Crown* in Dyrford



My Party is unable to pick up one of the white Pilgrims Crown flowers in Dyrford.


1) Go to southern edge of Dyrford, near the treeline.

2) Try to pick up Pilgrims Crown.

3) Observe the character trying to pick up the ingredient walk past it into the trees.

4) Watch as he starts to stutter as he tries to walk off the map

5) Flower does not get picked up.


[Expected behaviour]

Character stops near the flower, it gets picked up and added to the stash.


Picture attached to make the location more clear.


Additionally, the same type flower a bit to the west has a minor problem too.

It can be picked up, but like before the character walks up to the trees edge before collecting it.


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Hello Quadrone,


Thank you for your feedback. I have added this issue to our database so that it can be resolved in the future. I have also added it to the known issues list and linked this thread for others to see. 


Thank you again for your support!  :thumbsup:

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