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[v278] Essential Phantom spell deletes Wizard from party



[Description of the issue]

Wizard spell Essential Phantom makes the Wizard portrait dissapear from party roster, makes him unselectable (selecting his model defaults to selecting the PC), inmobile and uncontrolable (he just stands there, the same as his duplicate). Note: I have 6 party members as I recruited a chanter.

As pictured:







This originally happened in the Skaen Temple but Ive been able to reproduce it everywhere else. The picture is after combat.

After casting the spell, while still having the Wizard selected, you can open his inventory though he doesnt apear with the other characters:




Once you unselect him you cannot acces his inventory again, and he doesnt appear in the Character Screen either.

This was in Tyrgil´s shop encounter so its not area-specific. The Wizard was right next to Tyrgyl but no attack ensued. Enemies and the party can attack the Wizard in this state though he does seem to have extremely high defenses:






Should you run away from the Wizard his icon apears on the edge of the screen like with other characters:






When the illusion´s time runs the illusion disapears but the Wizard doesnt go back to normal:





[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]

1) Initiate combat with a level 7 Wizard.

2) Cast Essential Phantom

3) The Wizard is removed from your party and becomes uncontrolable and unselectable.


[Expected behaviour]

The spell working as intended and creating a duplicate of the Wizard to attack enemies as the tooltip describes.


[Other notes]

Maybe related but when I reloaded the safefile of right before the Skaen encounter while still in Tyrgyl´s shop with the bugged Wizard the entire party disapeared except for BB Fighter who was stuck in a wall. BB Wizard was there without the phantom and was controlable but still didnt appear.

And when combat started he was still with ridiculously high defenses. Also, the Skaen cultists started to fight each other.





After a while the BB Rogue died somewhere off-map:





Clicking on the inventory screen brings up this:




Here we have the Character Screen were it initially pesenting the stats for BB Priest but on clicking next character it showed a level 0 barbarian and nothing else since:





Clicking on the Level Up button takes us to the level up screen where the character apears to be the level 0 barbarian:




And after clicking "Done" you get a black screen and the only way out of that is to close the game (thanks for Windowed mode).

Closing the game and loading the save shows what is expected: the full party with the wizard before the skaen cultists with no problems so It doesnt seem to be a savefile-corrupting bug at least.


So yeah, pretty severe bug which can cause other bugs aparently.

Hope it was useful.

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Thank you for the posting and for providing detailed information about this bug. We are aware of the problem and I will be adding this to the known issues list so others can be wary of casting the spell at this time. The secondary concern with your save file is directly nested in the issue with Essential Phantom itself, so for the time being I would recommend that the spell be avoided.


Thank you for the feedback and your support during the beta!  :thumbsup:

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