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Affliction goes away after conversation with Korgrak



[Description of the issue]

Any affliction(maimed, Fatigue) one of your characters have will go away after the conversation with the Ogre.


[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]

1) Get an affliction/if you just go to the ogre you should have Fatigue on low athletics characters.

2) Talk to the Ogre

3)See that all afflictions on all characters have been healed.



[Expected behaviour]

You still have the afflictions after the conversation


[Other remarks / Comments]

If you had minor Fatigue before the conversation with the Ogre, you will still get major fatigue next, so the counter for fatigue isn't reseted .

I'm sure I have encountered this bug, on other places but I could only reproduce it with Korgrak.

Talking to Rumbald, and Dengler doesn't cure afflictions, so it's not every conversation.

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