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Audio issue on stat arrows



There should also be an [Audio] tag on this, but it doesn't exist.


If you click on the stat "arrows" after they disappear (when you reach the max stat, or min stat), you still hear the "decrease/increase stat click.


To reproduce

1) Create game

2) While in character creation, max the stats and keep clicking. Do the same for min stats.

3) Notice you still hear the ticks.


Expected: No audio ticks when clicking on arrows which aren't there.


Bonus issue: I don't know if it's just me, but I got surround headphones, and the "min" tick seems to be coming from behind me rather than from a (spatially) neutral location. I'd check the audio levels on that sound. If it checks out, it's probably just me.

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Hello Headbomb,


Thanks for the postings. We were aware of this issue and I have added it to the known issues list for everyone. As far as the surround audio, I'll have to look into that and see if our sound guys can find a way to help with that.


Thank you for your support!  8)

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