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[364] UI for comparing Items in shops could use some feedback improvements



[Description of the issue]

By left-clicking on a character portrait while in the shop interface, you choose whose character's equipped item the item you are examining from the shop will be compared to, but there is no visual indication of this feature, or of which character is selected.


[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]


1) Open the shop interface with the armourer

2) Left-click the portrait of one of your characters

3) Examine (right-click) some of the armours he is selling.

4) Click the "Compare" button.

5) Notice which armour the examined armour was compared to. It was the one belonging to the character you clicked.

6) Now close the second window that appeared, and click some other character's portrait.

7) Click "Compare" again.

8) Now the armour is compared to the other character's armour.


[Expected behaviour]

Some visual feedback should be put in place to tell you which character is active while in the shop's interface.


[Other remarks / Comments]

I discovered this feature by accident.

Edited by Gairnulf

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