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[v278] Shield appears on floor in village buildings



[Description of the issue]

A long white shield is lying on the floor in the village buildings. It wasn't present in previous build.

Screenshots of shield in each building attached.


[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]

Enter building


[Expected behaviour]

No out of place shield


[Other remarks / Comments]

Shield did not appear on top floor of inn or in temple






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I also had an issue in my latest video where the character's inventory slot items were showing up at their feet - this happened after an area transition.


Will be in my next Sensuki vs The Beatles video which is going up shortly. Will link here as well.

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I noticed this shield (here seen at the bottom of stairs and then the upper right corner) floating all over the place as I moved after I created an extra paladin at the inn (I also could not see the model of the paladin while creating her if that's related).


I also had an axe floating at the feet of BB Fighter.



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