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  1. solifuges are a type of spider if you dont know about them, its like a spider + scorpion, they are even more dangereous than black widows and can eat even pidgeons.
  2. I was thinking of adding an accessory to the zip line like a cable car or platform that can hold weed stems or grass planks that can then travel along the zip line this will add a much needed faster transport of hucked resources.
  3. The idea I have is to implement a new type of quest. These quests would send you out to kill a specific bug that has it's HP, movement speed, attack speed and defense all buffed. Perhaps these bugs could have and extra attack or two, though they would no doubt be more difficult to implement. In addition to Raw Science, rewards for these quests could be rare, hard to get materials. Also, the Beefy Bugs could have materials unique to them so that are required to craft new variants of the old armors. This could allow you to re-use the textures of armors while adding or changing only minor cosmetic things such as horns, spikes, extra armor plates and additional armor covering exposed areas of the kids bodies better. Thanks for the great game.
  4. Pretty simple, you would just relocate a chest/basket to a Zipline and it would attach, maybe even have a option where it doesn't move until you send it so you can load stuff into the container before sending it off. I think this would be an amazing thing for people who like to go on long gathering sessions across the map or maybe want to make a new base but don't want to deal with the relocation of their chests. I mean if a player puts the work in to have Ziplines going all over the map, maybe we should be able to do more and have ways to maybe just send items over long distances like with the stems. This could even be really helpful if you have a multiplayer world and your friend needs food or repair ingredients for their stuff but are all the way across the map, instead of just heading home their friend could just send over stuff and they can continue on with whatever they need to do across the map
  5. I think it would be great if you added preserving cooked meat to the game using salt shards. People have used this for ages in real life, so I think it should be added to the game.
  6. Introducing, the grass snake. A foe not to be messed with unless you have the required gear and know how. These fierce creatures will attack anything in it's path.. If you're lucky enough, and take it down however, you could use it's skin to craft yourself some awesome new scaly armor. (Short idea for something that could be rather big in general)
  7. As it stands right now, you can custom-build a house, placing each piece individually. My idea is to give us complete house plans that include everything already designed, you just have build it. Such designs could include but aren't limited to: - A simple 1-room, 1-floor house - A 1-floor house with X rooms - A 2-story house - A house that's built on stilts
  8. My idea would be to have a cassette radio or record player you have to go around the world to find the parts to craft it (side quest) with a side table craftable if (sitting in a chair) gets Implemented, I can imagine sitting in bases in our chairs listening to the music we find Extra side quest would be finding cassette music or records for pacific bugs, these music tracks playing from your cassette radio or record player would attract certain bugs that get put in a trance, but to fully tame these bugs you would need to find a rare mushroom that spawns in the mushroom patches randomly and/or the infected goo for different types of bugs that you would want to tame, you can only tame one bug at a time, what ever special bug you tame could also unlock more side quests to go looking for parts to craft ride-ables or more special items for what ever you could use your pet for. Also an idea to be able to bookmark a few crafting recipes to the HUD (CTRL + LMB click on a Recipe to bookmark to HUD) that shows the items you need for said crafting recipe, shows the amount you have in your inv and how many of said items you need A few times I find myself going in and out of the menu because I forget what items I need for a crafting recipe, would be a nice thing to see while working on a few recipes at a time, especially if the game is going to get a lot larger in the crafting/building
  9. Add Doves because they symbolise peace and love and stuffs. So then make positive potions made from dove feathers that help the player by giving them positive effects like water breathing, regeneration, etc. Then with the crow feathers add negative potions where it can damage enemies but also the player. For example harming, poison, fire, drowning potion effects.
  10. So I've read just A few entries here (not all) and I didn't see an idea for a shield nor a vehicle. For the shield, maybe rubber and an acorn shell could be used to make it. It could be used in combo with the single handed weapons. I can't begin to tell u how many times I wished I had a shield while fighting spiders. Now for the vehicle, the acorn tops could be wheels, grass blades and weed stems for the body, sap for lights, and maybe a basket for storage made from woven fibers and clovers. A little golf cart type vehicle would be helpful with transporting things and in multiplayer it would be fun to have races. As little people, we work so hard building and trying to survive. Why not have a little fun and race eachother on little or big tracks we make. Imagine having a long distance race around the backyard. How much fun would it be to make a track around the acorn tree and race while spiders are going nuts trying to figure out how to get u as u wiz by? Lol, I would love that!!!!
  11. Not sure if this is where to post an idea about the thing lurking in the hedge, but here goes! I have an idea that I think could make the Hedge Broodmother more accurate and way more terrifying at the same time. I went up against her solo and only took 5% health worth of damage, overall if she is supposed to be a boss I think she needs to be more difficult. So wolf spiders can get big, I think that she should be made a little bigger to start with as a spider that is older than the others, with more health to go along with that size. Now for the main idea, wolf spider mothers also carry their young on their backs, and it is a scary image if you dare to look it up. I realize that having 1000 baby spiders in such a small area is probably not possible due to frame rates and whatnot, but I think it should be possible to have maybe 10 or so crawling on her back? They could possibly jump off (or spawn off her) and attack the player/players from different angles making it harder to simply focus on her during combat. I am not sure if this idea has already been considered and dismissed, but I think (granted I am not a game developer so I have no idea what is really possible here) that this idea is definitely worth some looking into. I am in love with the game so far, and can't wait to see what new things are added to the backyard, I will be exploring all of it. Thank you!!
  12. Dont know if its possible but it would be nice, really enjoy the game, just omg I cant seem to help but always freeze cuz I'm terrified of insects, the ants and ladybugs not so much. But if I start to look at them for too long I start to get a panicky skin-crawling feeling, but its not as bad as the other hostile bugs, I really enjoyed the base building and the map itself is just gorgeous I just wish I wasnt such a wimp when it comes to fighting these things. I just panic XD hoping to get more of my friends into it cuz I feel I'll be a lot less scared if I have other people there to experience the fear with me lmfao XD hope this game goes far, it has so much potential !!!!!
  13. You know? Where you could start the game over again with your current level and items. I love this game so far. I'd definitely play it again.
  14. As a veteran No Man's Sky and ARK player and after spending several hours in Grounded, these are some suggestions that I think would improve playability: - Add the ability to increase inventory space over time, and on that same note: add armor and weapon slots to the character tab so that these items aren't taking up general inventory space. - Add dynamic weather, ie: rainstorms, snow, fog, etc. The consistently warm, sunny days get a little monotonous. - Add some sort of character leveling so that players can increase damage delt to NPCs and damage reduction for the player. - Add the ability to prevent plants from regrowing within base boundaries.
  15. there should be more spiders added in future so I made a list of potential candidates from what probably makes the most sense to the least 1. hobo spiders would make a nice addition to the game having a moderate threat level between the orb weaver and wolf spider 2. daddy long legs would be really cool in an ecosystem like grounded preying on weak bugs like aphids to uncommonly trying to prey on other spiders! 3. brown recluse is likely to be really deadly and poisonous, the only reason its low is because im not sure they will add this since we have the wolf spider already i personally hope they add the daddy long legs (yes i know there are multiple spiders under this nickname but you get the idea) but even if none of these are added I think it would be cool to see certain spiders preying on each other
  16. Hey guys, after logging about 14 hours into the game I have some ideas that I feel would be cool to see in the game :). 1. Boss Battles - I think having boss battles in the game would be an awesome feature and a cool way to get boss exclusive resources, items, etc. Some ideas I have are a black widow boss possibly under the deck of the house, a queen ant located in the ant hill to the west side of the map, and maybe some kind of a Koi fish or something in the pond? 2. Insect Types - Here are some insects that I think would be cool to see in the game: Praying Mantis, Fruit Flies, Fire Flies at night, and earth worms :). 3. Buildings - I think it would be cool to have more types of building that can only be built in high up branches and foliage, like rope bridges made from spider silk and weed stems, housing and balconies that can wrap around branches of the berry bushes and stuff like that. Also a pully system to pull up large amounts of planks and weed stems from the ground to your base in the branches, and a zipline also made from spider silk. 4. MAKE INSECTS AND ARACHNIDS CLIMB MORE - That's all I have about that. Lets make it so spiders can climb up to the top of rocks rather than sit and watch you from below. That's it! I hope everyone who sees this likes my ideas and let's see if any of them actually end up coming into the game
  17. I've played through this game 2 or 3 times the entire thing except maybe some DLC here and there and so far I like some builds and some not. I absolutely hate Ranger class I just find the pet or the ghost pet annoying. I prefer Shieldbearer/Unbroken tank. I love the Eothas/Troubadour Support/healer And I really like the Ancient/Wizard no subclass(maybe I should try Blood Mage?) for magic dps and aoe. Now there are 4 unused classes left Monk, Cipher, Barbarian and Rogue. I'd like to build 2 more multiclass builds with these 4 but I am a bit lost. I heard something about a Helwalker/Ascendant Dual wield mortar build? That would leave Rogue and Barbarian are there any good Marauder builds? I've been looking around on the forums but I haven't found more. Any replies would be helpful.
  18. Intro: I think it would be really cool if Obsidian added a 12th class to Deadfire and I think that class should be the Shaman. I know shaman right now is a multiclass between a Barbarian and Priest, but I think that should be changed to something else and Shaman should be its own single class. Why Shaman? I think shaman could be a really fun, unique class if it was added as a stand-alone class. Totems are cool and add a completely different play style. I gathered my thought and made up what I think would be a cool approach to making Shaman an official class. Below are class descriptions, abilities, and subclasses that I made up for this class. Obviously, there is no way for me to test any of this and maybe this class would be super overpowered the way I have thought of it. I also just described the abilities and didn't mention anything about what defenses they go against or anything that specific. This is just something I made up and would love to see added to the game with real values! I am very open to suggestions and ideas and even though this will probably never be added to the game, it is fun to think and dream about! Thanks for reading! Class: Shaman Roles: Striker, Support, Crowd Control Power Source: Ancestors (Shaman would use Ancestral spirits as a resource like paladins use Zeal instead of having spell slots like a wizard.) Subclasses: (names pending) Double number of allowable active totems. 25% chance to regain resources when totem unsummoned/destroyed. Totems are weaker and have a lower duration Totems no longer consume resources and are have a 0.5 sec cast time. Can only cast each totem once per combat. Total resources cut in half. Gain ability “Extract Spirit” – consume the spirits of fallen kith, wilder, and beasts to regain resources. Can also target low level/near death spirits. Successful use also grants Strong and Smart for 5 sec. Can no longer use empower. -10 all defenses All totems are more powerful, have longer duration, higher defenses, and more health. Having a totem active gives +1 all PL. Can only have 1 totem active at a time. Totems destroyed by enemies inflict damage to the shaman. Not having a totem active gives shaken. Abilities by Power Level PL Active Abilities Passive Abilities 0 Shaman use spirits to summon Totems in combat. Shaman use spirits to infuse their weapons with special abilities Can only have 1 Totem active at a time. Totems Count as summoned creature Totems are immune to Intellect Afflictions but have low reflex 1 Purge Totem – Removes 1 negative affect from nearby allies every 5 sec Fire Totem – Shots small fire balls at enemy targets Taunt Totem – Forces nearest 2 enemies to attack. Enemies are distracted Earth Weapon – Full attack, Deals additional Crush Damage Poison Weapon - Primary attack, Applies poison Hex that sickens the target Arms Bearer Monastic Unarmed Training Will of the Spirits - +5 Will, +5 defense against spirits 2 Water Totem – Regen health in area Earth Totem – Damage enemies in area, enemies are hobbled and shaken Totem of Atrophy - Applies Curse of Atrophy in AOE Shaman Modal – Earth (-5% damage taken), Water (Gain Concentration every 5 sec), Air (charges up, pushes back enemies tat attack in melee), Lightning (+5% Crit Chance), Shadow (increase duration of will targeting attacks) Lightning Weapon – Primary Attack, deals additional lightning damage in small AOE around target Shadow Weapon - Full attack, applies a Hex that lowers accuracy of target Weapon and Shield Style Two Weapon Style One-Handed Style Two Handed Style 3 Pull Totem – Pulls farthest enemy in range to totem Stone Totem – Throws rocks for crush damage at enemies Totem of Nightmares - Applies Curse of Nightmares in AOE Taunt Totem 2A – Increases health, defenses, duration Taunt Totem 2B – when destroyed or unsummoned, deals fire damage and staggers and sickens enemies Earth Weapon 2 – Successful hits also bleed the target over time Poison Weapon 2 - adds poison damage to weapons attacks while hex persist Can have 2 active Totems Bear’s Fortitude Snake’s Reflexes Bull’s Will 4 Water Totem 2 – Activate again for instant heal. Destroyed when activated. Heal amount determined by time remaining Spirit Totem – Frighten nearby enemies Shadow Totem - Applies Curse of Darkness in AOE Modal 2 – Earth (increase AR by 2), Water (Gain Acute at the beginning of combat), Air (recharges faster), Lightning (crits have 50% to set off lesser chain lightning), Shadow (Will targeting attacks also lower will by 5) Water Weapon – Full Attack, target ally instead of enemy, heals instead of dealing damage Lightning Weapon 2 – Full Attack, increased AOE damage Weapon of Rot - Primary Attack, Applies hex deals poison damage over time +1 Penetration with Fire Attacks +1 Penetration with Earth Attacks +1 Penetration with Electricity Attacks Spell Shaping Tumbling 5 Pull Totem 2 – Immobilize Pulled targets Stone Totem 2A – Has a chance to knock down Stone Totem 2B – Stone explodes and deals pierce damage in AOE Defense Totem - +5 all defenses, stacks with other defensive abilities Totem of Obedience - Dominates targets in small AOE Lava Weapon – Primary Attack, increase the time of beneficial effects on allies in a small AOE around the enemy hit Plague Weapon - Primary Attack, Applies a hex that adds damage each time the target is hit in melee Shadow Weapon 2 - The hex also deals damage each time the target misses an attack Tough Uncanny Luck Practiced Healer Far Casting (Totems Only) Strong Totems – Increase Totem defenses and AR 6 Air Totem – Blinds in AOE Lightning Totem – Deals damage in AOE Spirt Weapon – Primary attack, terrify enemy Water Weapon 2 – if ally is below 50% health, leaves a small heal over time Weapon of Rot 2 - Target explodes if killed while the Hex persists Spell Resistance Improved Crit Quick Summoning (Totems Only) Increase number of resources by 1. +1 Spirit 7 Speed Totem – Increase stride and lower recovery speed. Doesn’t stack Rez Totem – Revives ally Air Weapon – Recover Instantly on next weapon Crit Lava Weapon 2 – Crits cause the attack to be more benefical Plague Weapon 2 - the Hex spreads if the target is killed while still affected by the hex Killing blows have a 25% chance to recover 1 resource Lasting Empower Accurate Empower Penetrating Empower Potent Empower 8 Water Totem 3 – Using the active ability with 10+ seconds remaining restores the resource cost Lightning Totem 2A – chance to stun Lightning Totem 2B – increase AOE Spirit Weapon 2 – Hit enemies behind the initial target in a cone area Totem of Serpents Gaze - Petrifies targets in a cone in the direction the totem faces Great Soul Totems have increased Duration 9 Ancestral Totem – lashes out at enemies at range dealing Fire, Earth (crush), lightning damage Rez Totem 2A – Revives in area and gives robust and resolute Rez Totem 2B – Revives 1 ally with more health and brilliant Air Weapon 2 – Recover Instantly on next 3 weapon crits Prestige Totem Master – Can have 3 active totems EDIT - Added some totems and weapon attacks to go along with the theme of curses and hexes and made some minor wording changes
  19. Goodmorrow to you my lovelies! I have been pondering about builds for a while and started about 5-10 topics to get ideas. I have finally come to a conclusion and would love to hear your thoughts about it. It is also partly for role playing as in that they're basically 5 bodies shared by one person so the same name etc. Kind of like a hive mind. They will all be human. And fill the roles of https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/FiveManBand Mike One: The Leader Shieldbearer/Troubadour. Sword and Board: Tank. Mike Two: The Lancer Streetfighter/Forbidden Fist. Rapier and Stiletto. Flanker. Mike Three: The Big Guy Devoted/Berserker. Dual wield Battle Axes. DPS. Mike Four: The Smart Guy Psion/Wizard. Rod, AOE. Mike Five: The Chick Lifegiver/Eothas. Hunting Bow, Healer What do you all think about the weapons and class combinations? I'd highly prefer to not stack any classes nor have a ranger in there. Thanks in advance and have a lovely day! I'm getting desperate for a comment after hitting so many views :D feel free to shut it down if you disagree with the builds as well!
  20. What do you guys think of a Beraths Blessing that allows more options with your party companions. I know a lot of people would like to change their stats, but even more than that I would love to have all available subclasses/classes for them. Perhaps changing racial passives as well. I love experimenting with party compositions but I miss having the characters along for the ride. Anyone have insight as to whether that is a legitimate proposition? Would it be easy to implement? What would be a fair cost to be able to do it? I know this gets brought up a lot but I would love to have a discussion on how to implement it in a way that the designers might accept. I think there are a decent number of people who would love to see it.
  21. In PoE, unless you've read a Walkthrough or you have already played the game, you don't know what kind of enemies you will encounter in the next area you explore. So your characters carry around a chest filled with 107 weapons, 23 suits of armor, 2310 potions/scrolls/traps that you could use at any time. Which I feel misses an opportunity. As such, I'd like PoE 2 to offer the ability to ask locals, read notices or hire a scout that can give you information on an area well before you visit so you can pick the appropriate weapons, carry the necessary potions and load in the optimal spells. I'd love for equipment to allow for the bonuses to be changed at certain locations, that way you could choose to Enchant the equipment to allow you to cut through the mass enemies at that site, or be more effective against the few powerful leaders there. I've read the goal by the developers is to make the combat less of a filler and more interesting and I think arriving at a town, talking with the locals find out the area you are going to explore is filled with strong but dim witted Ogres, but lead by a clever Spirit. At the moment, I think most people use the same equipment most of the time. I like in the Witcher you could chat to people to get information about a Contract, Use a Bestiary to gain information on those creatures and then apply an oil to give an advantage before entering an area, same weapon, but correct oils give significant benefits. Instead of ripping off The Witcher, why not allow for replaceable Enchantments?
  22. I was wondering if it could be possible to implement tweak on the current weapon set system, allowing to use same weapon in multiple weapon sets. Like for the tank of my group i would like to have the awesome shield in both of his weapon sets, and based on the enemy, switch the main weapon.
  23. Litte bit inspared by topic How Should Obsidian Market Pillars of Eternity So I've got some idea, about how to try marketing PoE or make it potential market bigger. Maybe, not the most brightest one under the sun, but hey, it still something. 1. Portrait Contest on DeviantArt. Why? + Players could have easly access of hundreds, if not thousand of portraits in good proportions to choose between in every possible combination of race, subrace and gender (even for aumana or orlan) + Deviantart is "massive" in comparison to other art sites: average artist have around 100 followers. It also have many young users: while PoE seems to be temporarily famous mostly by older players, but how many of them played in BG, Fallout or Torment as teenagers? + Fantasy portrait is comparatively easiest thing to draw, many artist would probably try it. + Blizzard have done something like this on dA two times (And the level of the submited artworks was really hight). So it is probably cost effective. + It probably the most nice way to promote new IP - Need serious prizes for participants. - And consultation with Deviant CEO. I don't know if they take cash for this kind of promotion, but it sound very probably. - Response from art community may be too small 2. Make a level of dificulity "I'm here only for story, and I'm afraid of anything that move, or looks like it could move, or is suspicious un-moving." + sats of every monster would be dumped to 10% of standard one + or give just one monster in place of bunch? Less enemies in wilderness would look more natural, realistic, wich may affect positivly immersion - It should be irreversible option: once turned on, couldn't be redone. But player could chose it before game, or while playing. Making it easly switchable option, would be tempting for normal player "to cheat gently" the game, and may broke for him fun out the gameplay. Despite everything fight shouldn't be cut off from whole game. (Evil part of my plan is to make personaly one entry, but shhh... you didn't readed this. Second part is to borrow PoE for my book-oriented friends, and convice them, that games could be good, "Come to the Dark Side, we have Goat Simulator, and Pillar of Eternity!" ) Sorry, for my English.
  24. Cheers guys, Irma here. First of all, when it comes to most looked forward to games in your most favorite genre, it's natural to get upset when the game doesn't fit your expectations in certain way - but, when I thought it through, I discovered it must be even harder for you (the developers), since you put most effort in the final product of all of us and nobody can feel the ties of budget and time limits more than you, when you have to make the decisions about what to do and what not. My idea doesn't take much of either I suppose, so please everybody, before you click and vote, think carefully and choose DISLIKE only if the idea somehow limits or even ruins your game experience. If my idea doesn't reach your area of interest, just pick Don't care or don't vote at all. I added the Don't care thing so that it's obvious how many people of the pie are interested. Now, to explain the background of what I'd like to see: when I played my beloved BG2, it happened like this: 1) made my first char, enjoyed the game through, read all dialogues, solved every quest I approached. 2) repeat with other classes 3) now that I have picked my fave classes, made dual class Swashbuckler / Fighter (the strongest combination in game as far as I know*) and maxed it (to lvl 50 of course) 4) at the final stage, I explored every single location in the game, and talked to and singlehandedly killed off almost every NPC to make sure there isn't any hidden surprise left. (and then wait for several years in hope of forgetting most of it to be able to relive it again) If your game experience in HC RPG doesn't contain options 3) and 4), you will vote Don't care Now, the point: There is one character in BG2 that can't be killed as far as I know, and that's protector of Saemon Havarian, whom I got to Badly injured with my top char before he killed me. So, MY idea is to make something similar in PoE, can be the ruler of main city in game or something similar, friendly NPC that can be attacked though, and which would be the Really toughest mother****er in the Game. Make it so hard that you would have to have the best of best items in game (like the ultimate ring and weapon in game - but twice, if the game allows to Exp/Imp chars, which I sincerely hope it does), have to sacrifice all your party members, have to run around for half hour if necessary, to kill it. This would be the ultimate measure for how much godlike your char really is. And the reward? The best idea for reward I came up with would be in-game item, arch of paper with secret pass to hidden section on these forums, which would allow there only those who really made it, and people would share there their best of best builds and approaches that made them the deadliest person in the world of PoE. Dunno for how long it would remain secret tho, but the idea is nice I guess. Or, of course, you could put there item which, when worn, makes your char talk like when they inhaled helium. Silly things Ok, thats a little too much hassle for such trivial idea, but I guess it would mean a lot to me as well as others probably, if there was some bigger, larger, story-unrelated goal that would motive to you to play it even longer. Cause I have spent months of time on BG, and I expect nothing less of PoE. Oh yeah, and here's good track. Thanks for reading Have fun! Love <3 Aunt Irma. * My swashbuckler/fighter on 50th lvl had -28 AC, all attributes at 25, magic res almost 100, thanks to dual class with fighter 5 points on axes, regen 3hp/s I think plus he could wear anything thanks to the special perk of thieves in game (so even read any scroll, yes). Total overkill.
  25. I was wondering how I'd start my ideal corporate training exercise, and came up with the line "You know how individually none of you are arseholes ... but collectively you behave like arseholes? I'm here to help you understand why, and maybe fix it."
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