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  1. I have made three Ziplines in my save file and not a single one has used up any of my silk rope to connect them. (ID-43AEA2F0481D1A77920C4F8D37D70BFB)(LOGOUT-SAVE).7z DxDiag.txt
  2. Will add that when you choose anything from the hot bar it will do similar while on the zipline, plays the animation of switching weapons.
  3. Spider Amour turns into Ladybug Amour, signed into Xbox Live has my normal Spider Amour, signed out of Xbox Live turns Spider Amour into Ladybug Amour. ............................................................................................................................................................................. Loading into my save file, I spawn in holding a sack. Plus Lava Blade messed up texture, Rotten Lava Blade and all other tools/weapons are fine. Edit: I figured this only happens when I'm holding the Lava Blade with bugged texture.
  4. Nice discussions tbh, I've seen the posts and most of the time you all just type is #NoTaming right away without even discussing anything with the original poster, you yourself did it to one of my posts #NoTaming At All. "Most of us that don't want taming don't want this to end up as Ark: Shrunken Kids and have 100 bugs following us around like mindless minions. I think that was one of ARK's (many) downfalls." How do you know how they will implement it?
  5. This whole #NoTaming is a bit selfish tbh kinda gets to me, every time someone brings it up, why not have options? optional variety in a game we all love, if taming was optional you either like taming and want to tame or you just don't have to tame if it's not your thing and don't have to go anywhere near it. It's like the whole I don't like the blur effect/I like the blur effect, just let us all have the option to choose. "Insects aren't tameable" Humans aren't shrinkable.
  6. It shouldn't be on the player mistakes happen with a whole bunch of grass around, actually a lot of players don't even know if the grass regrows or not in 0.2 if you take the stump away and how's a new player supposed to know the first time they cut down a piece of grass if they cut at the bottom. Now they have added cutting the stump doesn't respawn the grass in the public test server 0.3 Edmund1919 idea is a great idea, the stumps can't accidentally get cut down, the only way to remove a stump would be the shovel, giving an extra useful use for the shovel, grass root for extra crafting
  7. In the public beta test server 0.3 they added it, if you cut down the stump the grass won't regrow.
  8. It's one of the best idea's for another use for the shovel, you get the option to choose where you don't want grass to regrow. Could also bring into play another recipe for crafting with the grass root.
  9. I know what you mean, but the Heads Up Display is not just the SCA.B it's everything relaying information on the screen including the Burg.L bookmarks.
  10. My idea would be to have a cassette radio or record player you have to go around the world to find the parts to craft it (side quest) with a side table craftable if (sitting in a chair) gets Implemented, I can imagine sitting in bases in our chairs listening to the music we find Extra side quest would be finding cassette music or records for pacific bugs, these music tracks playing from your cassette radio or record player would attract certain bugs that get put in a trance, but to fully tame these bugs you would need to find a rare mushroom that spawns in the mushroom patches randomly an
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