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  1. I was playing my multiplayer only world with my friend when he checked his mutations and had the meat shield perk all of a sudden, we never bought the meat shield perk, I don’t have it but he does. really strange bug
  2. So now that water containers can absorb droplets I put one on a leaf next to the oak garden lamp where water droplets fall sometimes (though it seems to be nerfed) and came back to see Not the container being filled up but a water drop glitched inside it.
  3. it is especially annoying when spiders run away especially mid fight. this happened to me and i chased it for nothing because i didn't want it to regenerate and left my freind to die while the spider recovered right in front of me
  4. there should be more spiders added in future so I made a list of potential candidates from what probably makes the most sense to the least 1. hobo spiders would make a nice addition to the game having a moderate threat level between the orb weaver and wolf spider 2. daddy long legs would be really cool in an ecosystem like grounded preying on weak bugs like aphids to uncommonly trying to prey on other spiders! 3. brown recluse is likely to be really deadly and poisonous, the only reason its low is because im not sure they will add this since we have the wolf spider already
  5. ok so somethimes when im playing on my save with my freind he would lag out and he would leave no backpack and comeback at spawn with no stuff, onetime we both lagged out and i lost my ant club which i threw and he lost his whole inventory this also permanently deleted his rotten ant club
  6. somethimes this happenes to me with larva, i think its because my base isnt fully connected as it uses a lot of the environment as walls l
  7. So, i noticed the second a enemy is out or range it instantly regenerates health at a fast pace. this can be annoying when trying to fight a tough enemy like a spider, a way to fix this mabye is to have like a minute delay or something before it can regan all its health. please fix it somehow
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