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Game ruining bugs

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Hi this game is really fun. I just spent two or three days playing solo. Only to have my work undone in a matter of minutes. Ants spawned in my base. I killed them and started repairing, upgrading. Then more ants spawned and weevils. Then more I died many times they destroyed my lean to, my storage chests as well as stole my items. I just gave up then. If I start playing again it will be with a fresh save.

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they should introduce something such that the insects do not respawn at a certain distance from the set hut. then we will not have a sudden respawn ants or larvae in the house. I had a situation where I put a sleeping hut near a tree to have a respawn point, I went to collect materials for the construction of a house, a spider killed me, I respawned at a tree and I did not even take a step forward and another spider respawned behind me and killed me

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