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  1. So I've read just A few entries here (not all) and I didn't see an idea for a shield nor a vehicle. For the shield, maybe rubber and an acorn shell could be used to make it. It could be used in combo with the single handed weapons. I can't begin to tell u how many times I wished I had a shield while fighting spiders. Now for the vehicle, the acorn tops could be wheels, grass blades and weed stems for the body, sap for lights, and maybe a basket for storage made from woven fibers and clovers. A little golf cart type vehicle would be helpful with transporting things and in multiplayer it would be fun to have races. As little people, we work so hard building and trying to survive. Why not have a little fun and race eachother on little or big tracks we make. Imagine having a long distance race around the backyard. How much fun would it be to make a track around the acorn tree and race while spiders are going nuts trying to figure out how to get u as u wiz by? Lol, I would love that!!!!
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