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  1. I know this is a spoilers forum, but I thought I'd mark this thread anyway to help those who might accidentally wander in here. Anyways, onto the topic at hand... I cleared my first game last night, and am now looking to start a new playthrough as a Templar multi-class. I'm mostly playing for the dialogue and roleplaying potential, but I'm terrible at builds, so I thought I'd come and ask some help from the wonderful peeps here. I'm thinking about playing a Death Godlike Pal/Priest of Berath, or a Pal/Priest of Eothas for any race. Any advice on what talents or abilities you guys would recommend??? I tend to favor more melee oriented builds, so that's why I figured a templar would be better than just going straight up Priest, but what do you guys think? What's the difference? I'd appreciate any help offered. Btw, the Blackend Plate looks like it would be sick for a templar of Berath!
  2. This is just a sketch. Was thinking about old style healer. Classes: Templar Shieldbearer of st Elega Priest of Eothas Idea: Tank with small/tower shield, throw some buffs, have alot of heals, including fast ones. When bored summon pillar of fire from Priest to gain Virtuos Tryumpf. Could throw decent amount of buffs (care less about Power Level) or blind enemies. Stats: Int 18 very important buffs Mig 15 heals Res 13 need some, probably Per 12 Nice to have Con, Dex cant dump Races: Natur godlike, natural synergy with easy migh but could be nerfed Moon Godlike, more heals Pale elf (elemental defense), Mountain Dwafr/WoodElf/Hearth Orlan (resistances) Weapons: Small Shield (offensive) Tower Shield (defensive) Flail Priest Spells: Pick one more per level, it is not like we could cast more than 2. At each level need 1 spell "I am totally going to cast it always if can". Try to mix heals/buffs/dmg. So can adapt to situation. 1, Sunbeam (free) Restore 2, Withdraw (free) Pillar of Faith 3, Watchful Presence (free) Consacrated ground 4, Circle of Protection (free) Tryumph of Crusades 5, Revive the Fallen (free) Searing Seal(optional) 6, Minor Intercession (free) Pilar of Holy Fire 7, Resurrection(free) Storm of Holy Fire, Paladin Active Powers: Lay of Hands + Greater Lay of Hands (fast heal) Zealous Aura + Exalted Endurance (more heals, and defenses) Flames of Devotion + Shared Flames (buff ellies, could combo with Inspired Triumph) Glorious Beacon + Inspired Beacon (more dmg from allies) Priest (neutral) passives: Mostly buff our casting to be faster, or hit harder. Weapon and Shield Scion of Flame Practical Healer Rapid Castig Spell Resistance Potent Empower Paladin passives: Mostly survival, we can get Triumph with Priest Spell + kill steal with FoD Deep Faith Divine Purpose Aegis of Loyality Inspired Triumph Virtuos Triumph Stoic Steel Party Composition: True pure wizard nuker still welcome. Rogues synergize since they benefit from common blindness. Why Paladin/Priest No use for 28 points on pure Priest, it doesnt matter how many spells per level i know, i could cast only 2. 28 points on Paladin is nice, but could be overkill when it comes to personal defenses, and Zeal goes mostly for Lay of Hands and Inspired Bacon. Personal Defenses of Paladin make Priest last longer, and could even be front body and still cast. Lay of Hands is fast heal we need. Zeolous Aura is instant buff from start Several small buffs from Flames of Devotion, Glorious Bacon, Aegis o Loaylty. Priest spells are sometimes decent or fun. Cant argue with orbital laser. Thoughs?
  3. Hey, I was wondering if I could get some advice for a possible cleric build, I was thinking about Berath/Devoted or Magran/Evoker, I'm pretty new to the PoE world and was wondering if someone could provide some advice, I will say I don't really care if the this is min/max as for my first playthrough I find myself more interested in learning the game and the story. Please let me know! Thanks!
  4. Lvl 9 xoti single classed priest casts into takedown combo for 593.3. Seems high. That wasnt executing either half my party is still in stealth on potd. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198049990075/screenshot/922553829341613585
  5. I started with a Priest, and almost switched early on due to him being very one dimensional. I still kept playing, and he grew on me. His abillities are crap, his level up bonuses are crap, but his spells are a different story, even if they look a bit crap on the first look, there are some real gems hidden amongst the lousy ones. So, I decided to rank them for everyone sticking with him for some power, and hopfully finding some uses that I overlooked. 1st level: Armour of Faith [2/10] Very good duration, but +4 damage reduction becomes negligible later in game. Barbs of Condemnation [6/10] Mainstay in priests repertoire as one of his few direct target offensive spells. Great range, but effects loose importance later in game. Blessing [6/10] Nothing spectacular, but that extra +5 accuracy can often mean hit or graze. Divine Terror [7/10] -15 accuracy vs. Will, good duration, and good effect compensate somewhat small area of effect. Halt [?] Holy Meditation [6/10] Good duration, and decent buff on will saves, makes it useful for whole game. Prayer against Fear [2/10] Fairly useless because priest has more universal solutions to same problem. Restore Minor Endurance [3/10] Early healing spell that losses usefulness early on, only to get a tinny bit of it back when it becomes per encounter with lvl.9. Withdraw [10/10] Single most useful first level spell in the game. Even it's intended role is a lifesaver for whole game, it will save target from dying, and it'll make them immediately useful when they get out of it because enemies will already be engaged elsewhere. That last characteristic makes it also a superb tactical spell. Throw it on squishy character early in battle and enemy will forget him when he gets back, throw it on rogue and he'll get free backstabbing opportunities, or just time it on decoy that runs into a pack of enemies a second before you obliterate the area with fireballs. Possibilities are endless. 2nd level: Suppress Affliction [2?/10] Whenever I try to use it, the thing I try to 'suppress' does not count as an affliction. Restore Light Endurance [4/10] Better healer. Consecrated Ground [7/10] Healing effect is good, but this spell really needs good Intelligence for it to last longer and gain wider range. Being centred on caster, makes it also a bit situational. Great for 2nd row priests. Divine Mark [8/10] 2nd direct target spell. It attacks will, and has long lasting deflection penalty, so it stays useful. What I'd give for it to have better range... Repulsing Seal [7/10] I misused seals as traps early on, only when I started using them as fire and forget aoe spells, they became godly. Just jug them over your tank when he's got plenty of enemies around him, and watch them burn, or in this case, watch them fall on their asses. Prayer against Infirmity [3/10] It has it's uses, then again, they aren't many. Instill Doubt [?] Iconic Projection [?] I really don't know where to put this one. It's healing/damaging spell with huge ray-aoe that does not report damage in battlelog. It actually offers a bit more healing than lvl.2 healing spell, but it's not instant. Holy Power [6/10] Aura centred on caster with very small aoe, but it lasts for base 30 sec, giving +3 might and small resolve bonus. That might bonus makes it very useful even if it affects priest alone. 3rd level Pillar of Faith [7/10] Crush damage and prone in one spell with 10/15 accuracy bonuses. Still, a bit awkward targeting makes Warding Seal a more flexible choice. Watchful Presence [6/10] Fire and forget healer. I used it a lot when I first got it. As game progressed it became a tinny bit underpowered. Warding Seal [8/10] Another of those lovely seals. Good electrical damage, no accuracy bonus against reflex, but being foe only aoe means you get twice as many enemies even in it's somewhat small circle. Restore Moderate Stamina [6/10] A good and reliable healer. Prayer against Restraint [?] In its self it has little use, but in combo with Wizards and Druids restricting spells? Despondent blows [6/10] With good duration, this accuracy and criticals reducing spell has it's uses. Dire Blessings [8/10] One of the best Priests boosting spells, effective for whole game, and natural combat started for harder battles. Good duration, sufficient area, and with companions focused on criticals, it gets even better. Everyone gains from it's 20% on critical hits. Circle of Protection [4/10] +15 on defences, and huge area sounds good, then you see it's low duration. 4th level Triumph of the Crusaders [6/10] 200 endurance per kill for base 60sec. Sounds really good, but endurance can also be regenerated in other ways, and with it's low aoe it becomes a bit hard to target it mid battle when it's effects would be most needed. It's also a bit unpredictable. You never know when your Druid will take a kill from a fighter that would need that 200 endurance boost. Prayer against Bewilderment [3/10] It's in no way worse that other status reducing/preventing spells, but taking precious 4. lvl slot??? Baring Death's Door [1/10] Utterly useless. It does nothing that Withdraw can do better. Maybe there's a tinny bit of use for it in Ironman mode, but that's it. Devotions for the Faithful [9?/10] A very interesting spell. I'm not quite decided on rating, but it appears to be high. First it has -10(!) Might and -20 ranged/mele accuracy penalty on enemies vs will at naked role. Slight accuracy bonus would alone make it a golden spell. Then it has +4 Might, +20 ranged/mele accuracy boon on allies as well. Might bonus does NOT stack with Holy Power (eliminating it's usefulness?), but it appears to work with Blessing (+5 accuracy) and Dire Blessings (20% on criticals). That should make for some quite powerful ranged and mele damage output, while that +4 on might still helps casters. Restore Major Stamina [6/10] Healer. Searing Seal [6/10] Big area seal. Damage is not at all good for 4th level spell, still, it's nearly certain to blind someone in it's large area of effect, even with it rolling without bonus. There are times for it instead of Beacon. Shining Beacon [10/10] Huge damage dealer, big aoe, foe only, 15 accuracy bonus against will. Oh, and -10 on all defences. That's rivaling every Druid and Mage aoe spell, with added flexibility of it being foe only. This one turns Priest into an offensive behemoth. I'll do the last two if there's any interest.
  6. Not sure if right now it is planned to be a limitation of is just mentioned as an example when talking about problems with multiclass, but i don't think it have sense to not be able to be a weak priest with a high condemned disposition and a strong paladin with that disposition being favoured, if is apparently contradictory or mechanically problematic should have at most a warning, like in opposition to recommended attributes, not recommended multi-class, but since the priest and paladins are not defined by their disposition, and therefore is not lore impossible to be multi-class subclasses apparently contradictory, someone could come up with a valid explanation of the lore of a character.
  7. Greetings community! I've been playing Pillars on and off since release. I know, it's been quite some time now and I'm still on my first playthrough! My party is level 10 and I've gotten to the Pit, though I have not gone in. I also did some of the White March quests but I've hit a level wall there. Anyways, my current part is as follows. Charmain (Wizard) Eder Sagini Kana Grieving Mother Aloth I've done all the NPCs quests, I think up to this point. I was pretty set on this party going until the end, but one thing I always wanted was a priest. I don't use walkthroughs or anything so I just now bumped into Durance doing a bounty. Now I'm in dilemma. Priests can heal and have other valuable defensive powers. I feel this is lacking in my group and this is why I'm unable to progress in certain areas, but I'm not sure. I've read around and some people say a priest is invaluable and a must-have and others say priests are unnecessary in this game. So my question to the community is this. Should I take Durance? Would a priest really help this group out? If so, who should I leave at the keep when I take him?
  8. Hello Friends, I love RPG games but because I think I suffer some degree of OCD, It become HELL to try to create a character when a game forces you to. So many options... I usually have to restart over and over because I don't know what I want to play. Not this time. This time I've already made my mind. I want to play a dwarf priest of Magran. Shield/Sword and Arquebus. I already have the portrait. What I need is advice in how to distribute the stats. According to the game, a priest needs Intelligence, Might, Resolve and Dextery. But I've read Perception is a MUST for casters (a priest is a caster, isnt?). So, how should I distribute the stats? I don't want to min/max. I want to roleplay the character, so, What's the best dwarf race? What would be the best origin and background? Thank you in advance
  9. Hi guys, thanks for checking out my topic. I'm a new player and I just picked up PoE last week. I've gotten to the first town and messed around a bit but I'm having a bit of restartitis since there's a lot in this game to consider. I'm a very "Plan my play through" type of person so I want to know what build, items, party members, etc that I'll be going for. I play like this because the worst feeling for me in a game is regretting that I didn't make a different choice. Here's an example: I start playing a fire based Paladin only to find out that Paladin's main abilities are blue fire, which doesn't mesh with the aesthetic I want (true story). So I'd like to take some advice from you veteran's if you're willing to give it, so that I can actually get into this game in earnest. The first challenge is the party members. I'm very partial to story companions in games like this, so I do not want custom companions. This is a challenge because I prefer my groups to be diverse (race, gender, class) and to make sense in terms of gameplay (Even mix or range/melee, tank, healer, etc). The companions I am interested in are Eder, Aloth, Hiravias, Sagani, Pallegina, Durance, and maybe Grieving Mother. I really like Eder's personality, and I enjoy those with unique aspects (Pallegina, Hiravias, Sagani). Aloth, GM, and Durance are all being considered more because I've been told that they are important to the story than for any other reason, although I do think it necessary to have wizard and healer type characters in my party. Note that if I leave out Durance or Aloth it will most likely be due to me replacing them as I'll get to in a moment. So I ask you guys, what do you think a reasonable party is for me? Are Aloth/Durance/GM important enough to keep around? Or can I leave them in my stronghold and occasionally talk to them to get the same value? The next challenge is my class, which I've been having a ton of trouble with. Paladins are my bread and butter, I play them in every game where they are an option, and the next closest option if they aren't. This is my first experience with a game that messed up paladins so badly for me that I'm being forced to go elsewhere. Blue fire when every other bit of fire is orange? All of their best gear is bright green? No spells? It seems like their only role is to be a tank support, but if they are up front tanking then the only person receiving support is the fighter, and if they are in back supporting the ranged then their tankiness is somewhat wasted. Paladins in this game just feel like a drunken thematic rainbow that has no solid direction. /rant With that in mind, you know that I want to play the closest thing to feeling like a paladin from other games as I can get. I've narrowed it down to Barbarian, Wizard or Priest. Note that I like spells, and I especially like Firebrand, so that will be a staple of my character. The ideas are as follows: Barbarian: Off-tank using Flames of Fair Rhian and Dragon's Maw, switching to Firebrand to deliver the pain when needed. Interested in the ring of combusting wounds and other spellbound items/armors since Barbarians lack spells entirely. I really like the orange ability effects of the barbarian and their AoE nature. However, as a paladin "main" I find I have a great distaste for being known as a barbarian, and I find it hard to shake that feeling. I see their icon of crude weapons crossing a blood red skull and I throw up in my mouth just a little. Wizard: Self-buffer melee build with nice spells and Firebrand, probably a scepter or something before I get in melee. I'm very mixed on Wizard because most of their spells I have no interest in using, but the ones I like give me vast amounts of pleasure. Citzals Martial Power in particular looks amazing. However, their reliance on "blue" buffs like DAoM, arcane shield, etc turn me off greatly. The more I look at this the more I think Aloth could pull off a blue ice themed build with the spirit lance much better (though his starter spells are rubbish). Priest: Not entirely sure, but something like Abydon's hammer for spells into Firebrand when I need to conserve spells or when I run out. Priest seems like the logical alternative to Paladin, but I have similar or perhaps even greater issues with them as the wizard. I don't like having a bunch of spells that I have no interest in casting. I suppose the benefit of priest is that most of their spells fit a single theme (unlike wizards with frost/fire/arcane/corrosive/etc) but still. I'm not really sure how good priests are at buffing themselves vs supporting the party, but I think it would be nice to play one so long as I'm not just a buff bot for everyone else. So what do you guys think? As a barbarian all the party members I'm interested can be used, and as a wizard/priest obviously Aloth/Durance are no good. What class do you think will sate my paladin lust best? Which party members do you think will work best both for that character and story wise? Thanks very much for any help. If you have questions for me I will do my best to answer. Edit: I'm playing on Hard by the way, I tried POTD but it was a little too much. Also, Mobile was unkind to me when I typed this, there might be auto correct errors.
  10. Hello Forum! I have been wondering if there could be more options to choose from when building our Priests and Paladins, those elements make the classes not only more diverse through unique abilities but also really flavorful for those who enjoy RPing. Being that there are 11 gods that we know of and only 5 to pick in PoE 1 it would be cool to see more added. Introducing new paladin orders that could be native to the Deadfire archipelago would also be interesting. What do you guys think?
  11. "Therefore when thou doest thine alms, do not sound a trumpet before thee, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may have glory of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward." --Matthew 6:2 (KJV) In the most recent Q&A (and elsewhere), Sawyer mentions that they're changing some of the disposition dynamics to reflect only stuff your character has done that is knowable to others. The example given being that in Pillars 1, a character with Deceptive 4 was actually the lousiest liar around, because everybody knew that (s)he lied a lot. So they're re-naming "deceptive" to "shady" and, presumably, allowing masterful lies to pass without affecting Reputations. For the "reputation" element of the Disposition mechanic (i.e., what folks think about the Watcher), this makes sense. But that's not the only thing that Dispositions affect for some characters-- Priests and Paladins get game-mechanical benefits/penalties from these, too. The system in Pillars 1 tried to serve two masters in representing both your character's outward reputation and his/her inner values, and Josh is correct in pointing out some of the issues that this caused. But, I don't see the problem as being wholly solved so long as the Priest/Paladin favored/disfavored dispositions continue to rely on the same variables as the character's public reputation. Shouldn't the strength of a character's faith or devotion reflect what the character knows and does, rather than just what the outside world knows about his/her actions? Just to build on the Deception example, above, a Priest of Skaen or Wael has "deceptive" as a favored disposition, and this makes perfect sense as-implemented in the first game-- these deities value misdirection, tricks, and secrets. However, the ideal deceptions practiced by Skaenites and Waelites would be effective ones, no? A masterful act of deception to conceal a revolutionary plot or obscure some hidden point of knowledge seems like the kind of action that the game should reward for such a Priest. Conversely, for a Priest of Eothas, deceptive acts should reflect negatively on the character's devotion, even if nobody ever learns of them.
  12. Just wanted to say I love this game, I've played it for over 200 hours now. Very glad to know there are still good games being made at these times. Though there is one thing that sort of bugs me. Namely, the lack of power in certain talents and spells. I wanted to focus on one of them, which strikes me as the weakest, probably the worst talent in the game. Brilliant Radiance: 8-12 base damage. Doesn't scale with level. Doesn't scale with disposition. Why is it even in the game? Why didn't the last patch buff it? Does anyone use this? I read that it was kind of decent early on in the game's development but got a big nerf for some reason. P.S. the Wolf Spiritshift still doesn't give the extra move speed its description says. Tested it myself.
  13. Looking to make an Officer inspired Priest of Magran build. Mostly an RP for Normal or possibly Hard difficulty with companions from the game. Almost like Cadegund from the companions that were dropped before release. Think heavy plate, arquebus, sword and shield. Anyone got any tips for stats, talents, gear to look out for (and what quests to do to get that gear)? Would appreciate any tips and hints at all. I know I want to play Human (Meadow Folk), and that I want to be a Priest of Magran and Mercenary background. But other than that I am flexible. Thanks alot!
  14. Current priest deity-specific talents are weak in my opinion. Additional weapon accuracy is rather fine but deity-specific spells are not worth it. In my latest playthrough as a priest of Eothas I never used Hope Eternal. In my previous playthroughs I almost never used Magran's Summer Flames simply because generic priest spells are much better. Only priest of Skaen has decent talent. So I've decided to suggest enhanced versions of the talents that will be useful during all of the game. Here we go! Eothas Aura range: 5m. Duration: 15 sec. Effects: nullifies Frightened, Terrified, Knocked Down and Struck when casted, grants +20 defence against these debuffs and revives fallen ally with 30 Endurance. Revives only allies that were fallen when aura was active and does not revives the same ally twice(even the god of redemption's gotta have standards). 1 per encounter. Magran Duration: 15 sec. Effects: User: +25% fire dmg, +5 accuracy and 10% hit to crit conversion with arquebus and sword. 1 per encounter. Wael Name: Obscured Face. Duration: 10 sec. Effects: Allied target: grants Invisibility, cannot be hit. Attacking or using abilities/items breaks Invisibility. 3 per rest. Skaen Type: passive. Effects: Baby Sneak Attack, 30% chance to set Hobbled for 3 sec with Baby Sneak Attack. Berath Duration: 15 sec. Effects: Friendly Target: drains additional 20% raw damage as Endurance vs. Fortitude with each hit. If friendly target uses AoE attack, spell drains life of enemy with lowest Fortitude. 1 per encounter.
  15. Hi, i need help to solve this problem. Im playng with my Priest, solo and in POTD. I have after many hours come to Durgans batteri, and i am now locked inside. I cleared the 1. floor and went to the second. Now i cant get out to buy camp rests, because of the door at the first floor apperently have closed itself after i went through it. Is this a bug or? And can any help me? I have attached 3 pictures, so u can see for yourself what i meen. Anybody knows what to do? Sorry for my bad english... I have no rests, and have no chance of survive to the final and 3 floor, where i know there is a entrence out, because im playng solo in POTD. And also, i dont have enough atlectics to get the 3 key to open the door to the final floor. So need to remake my skills setings also. All my save files are after i wnet down to the second floor, rookie mistake...
  16. Hello there. I have a YouTube channel on which I upload many different types of gameplay videos. I have begun my Pillars of Eternity series, whereby I will be playing a Dwarven Priest on easy. No footage will be cut out, unless it is extremely boring (e.t.c. loading screens, random things I do). Playlist: https://youtu.be/2_HluexIFg8?list=PLMADF6oHdMjd07Demzh3UANbeLXHdc-yI Chapter 1 - Escaping the Attack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_HluexIFg8&list=PLMADF6oHdMjd07Demzh3UANbeLXHdc-yI Chapter 2 - Day 1 in Gilded Vale: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72GC5dUptdw&list=PLMADF6oHdMjd07Demzh3UANbeLXHdc-yI&index=2 Chapter 3 - Day 2 in Gilded Vale: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T907_ZKmme4&index=3&list=PLMADF6oHdMjd07Demzh3UANbeLXHdc-yI Chapter 4 - Temple of Eothas: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZrZiqau1Uhw&index=4&list=PLMADF6oHdMjd07Demzh3UANbeLXHdc-yI Expect more soon, and remember to share if you enjoyed! Feedback highly appreciated, including tips on how to improve, as I am very new to this game (: Thank You!
  17. Hi there! My name is Dainank and I have started publishing several Pillars of Eternity videos! Be sure to check them out and give a thumbs up if you enjoyed them! Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMADF6oHdMjd07Demzh3UANbeLXHdc-yI Video Episode 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_HluexIFg8 Thank You!
  18. I chose brilliant radiance talent that should modify "holy radiance" (per encounter priest spell) to add burn damage to all foes. I tried numerous times and without any luck. It seems to me the talent is not working at all.
  19. Hello all, I would like to get some help on how to properly level up Durance. I would also like to get an idea of what his items should revolve around. I am new to the game and played till level 5 but then restarted. My party is currently: Main = Chanter focused on off-tanking and chants. 3 Might, 4 Dex. Party face role. All other ability scores maxed. Working very well so far. Tank = Eder. Used the respec option with IE mod to get him focused on what I wanted out of him. Working very well so far. Melee DPS = Paladin. Custom made to be a last hit buffer with auras who's all about damage with reach, two handed weapons. Working very well so far. Ranged DPS = Cipher. Arbalest user and damage dealer extraordinaire. Broken strong so far. Caster = Aloth. Respec option used here as well. Working on getting him all the spells for utility. and finally my 6th slot is going to Durance for now. He's used because Holy Radiance can be used outside of combat to buff pre combat and it can also grant a bonus to accuracy. Priest buffs are also incredibly useful. However that being said, I need help to figure out where to go with him. Currently just hit level 4 so a talent is available. Now for some questions: 1. Is upgrading his staff worth it? What weapons should I use with him to keep him useful? 2. What talents should I grab as a priority at this point? Thanks to all who post. Noc
  20. See topic. I'm contemplating a weird party, and I'm having some trouble on how exactly to split the attributes for a close-combat caster now that I can't dump Perception. Thoughts?
  21. Hi, I'm on a second playthrough of PoE, there is something that I don't fully understand about the Sanctuary level in Raedric's Hold. Let me explain. First, I want to point out, I am trying to go the "sneaky/peaceful" route, no killing unless NECESSARY. So please don't just give me advice to play differently. On my first playthrough (as a Druid) I entered the hold through the sewer grate, cleared the dungeon, talked to Osrya who wanted me to go kill Nedmar, so made my way up to the Sanctuary level with all the Berathian priests, put on the Berathian Priest Robes on the body slot of each of my team members. Searched every room and crevice of the Sanctuary floor; 4 or 5 times I was approached by either a guard of priest asking me what I was doing, I always replied using the lines that pretty much put the priest/guard back in his place and to mind his business, as if I were more important than him and he shouldn't question me. The rest isn't really important, now... On my current playthrough (as a Rogue) I entered the Hold the same way, cleared out the dungeon, but this time unlocked Giacco's cell right away and killed Osrya right away, after which I made my way up to the Sanctuary level. Rinse & Repeat, put on the Robes on all party members, start exploring the level. First priest who asks me what the heck I'm doing, I'm not sure why, but the answer is lame, and then the next guard who questions me, I have no choice but to enter combat. I've tried using different party members to confront them, always the same outcome. I am a higher level than on my first playthrough, I am using the robes on all my party members... I'm not sure why I can't seem to get the replies I could on my first playthrough.
  22. Hey all, I was thinking of doing a casual replay through the game with a caster group, basically the characters we usually use as support and back-line, but rather, build a few of them through the main character and hires (I don't care for the characters in the game that you can meet and get to join you) for a party of 5 to 6. The goal to play through Hard. POTN is not friendly to "casual playing" for me at this time. But Hard is fun, while being casual. I like hordes of enemies (except enemy Druids packs!). I'm looking at the Chanter, Wizard and Priest. The beauty is, all characters can be made into decent enough DPS dealers via ranged attacks (not so much with melee DPS I find, unless doing Rogue, Fighter, Paladin, Barbarian, etc). And while some characters are better at DPS than others (Cipher, Rogue...) at range, via ranged or magic, I'm looking to make a little more "rounded" support characters maybe, that are fun and have utility, but also can be indirect damage dealers. I was doing a few tests with some level 7 hires, to see what could be expected by then, which is later game. While my fighters with Defender (and supporting improvement talents), Weapon & Shield and Superior Deflection can get into the 120+ Deflection area with high Perception & Resolve, I'm finding that a Chanter, Wizard and Priest with a high PER & RES build, along with supporting talents, and using their spells or chants to increase (even if indirectly, forcing -10 or -20 accuracy to targets is quite similar to increasing your Deflection if I recall correctly?), are achieving starting Deflections in the mid-80's with equipment. So significantly less. Granted, the Wizard can bolster this significantly instantly but only for a short time. Chanters can be in the mid-90's and just over 100, with their songs and other abilities through dropping enemy accuracy. Priests just have so much utility with heals and buffs that the loss in Deflection can be made up, in a way, with a heal here and there. All of these characters, however, also have one thing in common and that's that while they can be built to be off-tanks (a wall of off-tanks), with a lot of defensive properties, they can all have offensive abilities that are AOE or summons. So an off-tank Chanter with Frighten & Rime & Frost, summoning Phantoms and/or Ogres and dropping Paralyzing cones. Alternatively, the Movement & Will & Fort songs with Paralyzing cones, because it gets to that invocation fast, and two of these doing massive paralyzing zones back to back is just super destructive and tanky (two Chanters doing this with alternating first phrase songs, with Paralyzing cones). Maybe an off-tank Wizard, with Chill Fog, Bewildering Spec, Blackened Sight, Slicken, Displaced Image, Confusion, and then a nice Fireball, Fan of Flames, Noxious Burst, etc. Nearly too many to name honestly. Condition off-tank, with AOE DPS. One of these maybe. And then a straight offensive Wizard too, built around DPS and not just the support stuff. Finally a Priest, with Armor of Faith, Divine Terror, Withdraw, Repulsing Seal, Instill Doubt, Pillar, CoP, with Pillar of Fire & Cleansing Flame. Also a condition off-tank, with AOE stuff, but also some heals and support stuff. Only one though. That's 5 characters if I do two chanters, two wizards (one off-tank, one AOE DPS), and one Priest. I'm thinking to round it out, either a Ciper with high Mechanics for locks & traps. Or just try to do a 5 man party. If I had to add one more character, it would be something DPS oriented. Anyone done something like this? I know it's low on overall average damage output. I'm curious if it will manage through normal/hard, casually playing, with a bunch of basically support characters. Just looking for another experience beyond a min/max tank + ranged DPS party that I've already done that just walks through the game in essentially auto-attack mode and wins each fight no problem. My main concern is late game and the end-game, where they will be hit with a lot of afflictions, conditions, and high damage attacks. I'm not sure how they will perform there. And of course, I'm not sure how it will fare against the last battle. Thoughts on making it work? Thoughts on why it won't work and I'm wasting my time? ********** Either that, or I'm considering a DPS Barbarian as Main character, along with 2 chanters & 3 wizards (chanters as off-tanks with support songs & summons; wizards with all DPS setup and a few condition spells to support if tanks are overwhelmed). ********** Very best,
  23. Hi All, I wanted to make a list of spells affected by elemental talents for Wizards, Druids and Priests to plan my next builds. I think it could be a good idea to share it. If you see anything that isn't true or something missing, don't hesitate to correct me. ??? means that I'm not sure. I also assumed summons are not affected by Elemental talents. Wizard Spells : Fire : Fan of Flames (Lvl 1) Combusting Wounds ??? (Lvl 2) Ray of Fire (Lvl 2) Rolling Flame (Lvl 2) Fireball (Lvl 3) Flame Shield (Lvl 4) Wall of Flame (Lvl 4) Torrent of Flame (Lvl 5) Corrode : Concelhaut's Corrosive Siphon (Lvl 2) Necrotic Lance (Lvl 2) Concelhaut's Draining Touch (Lvl 3) Noxious Burst (Lvl 3) Death Ring (Lvl 6) Ice : Chill Fog (Lvl 1) Kakaloth's Sunless Grasp (Lvl 1) Blast of Frost (Lvl 5) Ninagauth Bitter Mooring (Lvl 5) Ninagauth Freezing Pillar (Lvl 6) Lightning : Jolting Touch (Lvl 1) Crackling Blot (Lvl 3) Chain Lightning (Lvl 5) Special : Kakaloth's Minor Blight (Lvl 3) : summon a wand with a random element. Druid Spells : Fire : Sunbeam (Lvl 1) Burst of Summer Flame (Lvl 2) Firebrand (Lvl 2) Boiling Spray (Lvl 4) Firebug (Lvl 5) Sunlance (partial) (Lvl 6) Corrode : Autumn's decay (Lvl 2) Rot Skulls (Lvl 6) Ice : Winter Wind (Lvl 1) Blizzard (Lvl 2) Hail Storm (partial) (Lvl 4) Lightning : Dancing Bolts (Lvl 1) Returning Storm (Lvl 3) Relentless Storm (Lvl 5) Nature's Terror (Lvl 5) Priest Spells Fire : Divine Mark (Lvl 2) Searing Seal (Lvl 4) Shining Beacon (Lvl 4) Pillar of Holy Fire (Lvl 5) Cleansing Flame (Lvl 6) Lightning : Warding Seal (Lvl 3) Spark the soul of the Righteous ??? (Lvl 6) And that's all for the priest ! Apparently, PoE gods like fire. EDITED ON 30/05/15
  24. I have a plan to make 6 dwarf company but I am not very fond of the dwarf Priest idea, is there another suitable class for healing, paladin maybe? is he capable healer? I plan on having 1. row: Dwarf Chanter as a tank (buff/debuff) + Dwarf Paladin as a second tank (buff + possibly heal) 2. row: Dwarf Fighter DPS with a Pike + Dwarf Berserker DPS with a Pike 3. row: Dwarf Cipher DPS with Blunderbuss (hunting bow early game) + Dwarf Ranger DPS with warbow and Boar companion I want to play it more on roleplaying since I love dwarfs but I also want to make them efficient and capable in their respective fields do you experience players think this will work? thanks for reactions and advice p.s. still don't know which of them will be my PC though :D
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