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  1. Anyone tried to solo a Chanter/PotD? And are they any fun? For now i finished the game in PotD with solo Priest and solo Cipher. The one who is most OP is the Priest, but also the most fun to play.
  2. Dont know why, but i really want my character to have sex with Pallegina. Hope its possible in PoE2. "Im the god damn watcher and ruler of Cad Nua, must impress her to bring out the feathers from down under"!
  3. I had my difficulties getting a Roque to be a team player better than the other classes - Fighter or Paladin. I compare him with these classes, because he is a hardhitter with melee weapons and that makes him/her in the upfront fight, and the way to succes is that they stand there ground, tanks!!! And fighter and paladin are just better. But never tryed your building of the roque. Seems like a good idea
  4. DR in my opinion is only importen for your tanks. The rest of the group seem to function better on speed and the importance of not being hit. In the last year, i have only played at the difficult level - Path of the Damned. And all the monsters are hardhitters now. My last profil i played as a solo priest, and speed penalty for the armor made my hero sooo weak. The strenght for a hero here was to hit the enemies first and prone or confuse. To keep distance to enemies made u the best character thought possible and the key to succes. So after my experience, DR is NOT importent. So
  5. Hi Aarik! Thank you for helping. Here are the links u need: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ytfiraztoh4u8ah/output_log.txt?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/3dtb45gwxvsc1xi/50ccf281e68f4a56be76999e1a3d8779%2020265532%20TheMines.savegame?dl=0 Hope u can help!
  6. Please fix the suddenly closed door between great hall and the mines in Durgans Batteri, so i can get back up and sleep and get camping supplies. Pretty hard going solo on potd and being allowed to rest...
  7. There is a huge bug in the white forge, Durgans Batteri!!! Why is the door closed, i cant play any further. And PoE is the ONLY game i plaaayyyyyyyyyyyy!
  8. Help! Im locked inside Durgans Batteri between the main hall and the mines. I cleared the main hall floor and went down to the mines. And in need of ned camp rests, i was surprised to see that the door between main hall and the mines apperently have closed itself, and now i cant get out. Im playng POTD and Solo, so i neeeeeeed to get out to survive. Anybody here who could help me?
  9. I have a major bug in Durgans Batteri. After i went to the second floor, i wanted to go back up and buy camp rests. But i cant because the door at the main level apperently have locked itself again. Im playng POTD Solo Priest, and my profile is doomed if i cant get out ??? Anybody how knows what to do?
  10. SOLO PRIEST POTD, hard but im getting there!

  11. Hi, i need help to solve this problem. Im playng with my Priest, solo and in POTD. I have after many hours come to Durgans batteri, and i am now locked inside. I cleared the 1. floor and went to the second. Now i cant get out to buy camp rests, because of the door at the first floor apperently have closed itself after i went through it. Is this a bug or? And can any help me? I have attached 3 pictures, so u can see for yourself what i meen. Anybody knows what to do? Sorry for my bad english... I have no rests, and have no chance of survive to the final and 3 f
  12. Hey, i have the same problem. Anybody who knows how to shut it up? The pages keep coming back!
  13. Hey, i have the same problem, its so enyoing. Anybody who knows how to shut it up? Please help
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