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  1. So orders count as sub-classes for pallies? I didnĀ“t know that. Shame, i wanted to do a Paladin/Ranger that could be "holier than thou" while shooting you in the face with a pistol. Oh well i did it anyway in PoE I, might as well do it again. Fingers crossed for Abydon, fav deity alongside Rymrgand!
  2. Hello Forum! I have been wondering if there could be more options to choose from when building our Priests and Paladins, those elements make the classes not only more diverse through unique abilities but also really flavorful for those who enjoy RPing. Being that there are 11 gods that we know of and only 5 to pick in PoE 1 it would be cool to see more added. Introducing new paladin orders that could be native to the Deadfire archipelago would also be interesting. What do you guys think?
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