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  1. I've googled the possible solution: 1. Download this fix 2. After installation part 1 patch copy content of "Fix 1" folder to your game folder. 3. Install part 2 patch. 4. Copy the content of "Fix 2" folder to your game folder. Game should be patched correctly after this.
  2. Is there a way to return the original main menu background(one with adra pillar) in WM2 game? Although new background looks nice, I prefer the old one. Thanks in advance!
  3. I've just checked my news and the latest entry is about 3.0 patch too. Seems like Obsidian hasn't updated it since that )
  4. Try to delete C:\Users\user_name_here\AppData\LocalLow\Obsidian Entertainment\Pillars of Eternity\NewsArchive.xml file. After this game should fetch the latest news. Make a file backup just in case.
  5. An item description font renders in a bit odd way. Take look at the last paragraph in screenshot. First string in the paragraph is flattended and the third is somewhat blown up. It happens only in item description pages and looks ugly in game. To notice it, open the screenshot in full size. http://imgur.com/aGP4Orx
  6. Fresh installation solved the issue. Thanks for the tip, AndreaColombo! Ridiculous, but new installation proceeds faster than patching from 3.01 to 3.02.
  7. I also have got pink textures in Stalwart Mines. I'm on gog, both game and expansions patched to 3.02.
  8. It is still happening in 3.01 game. Here's save before interacting with Persoq's soul on Bluffs.
  9. Constitution bonus from Durance's robe doesn't affect Durance. When robe equipped, his CON is still 13 and detailed CON list shows some weirdness(screenshot attached). But when robe unequipped, his CON drops to 11. When robe equipped on other party members, bonus applies correctly. Screenshots and savefile. Edit: After restarting game Durance got +2 CON bonus.
  10. Current priest deity-specific talents are weak in my opinion. Additional weapon accuracy is rather fine but deity-specific spells are not worth it. In my latest playthrough as a priest of Eothas I never used Hope Eternal. In my previous playthroughs I almost never used Magran's Summer Flames simply because generic priest spells are much better. Only priest of Skaen has decent talent. So I've decided to suggest enhanced versions of the talents that will be useful during all of the game. Here we go! Eothas Aura range: 5m. Duration: 15 sec. Effects: nullifies Frightened, Terrified, Knocked Down
  11. I also noticed that Hiravias "has" voiced comments but in fact corresponding audio files are empty(or broken, I'm not sure). Here's screenshot from foobar2000: http://i66.tinypic.com/r2lwxx.png Files with duration "?" are broken or empty. Some companions have such files too, they can be easily spotted because all of them have size 2725 bytes.
  12. Very interesting. I thought it was a deliberate choice not to trigger these barks. In this case, there are more barks that never trigger. If you attack your mate, they have lines like "Watch it with that!", "Fye, yer blind!" and so on. If companion has something to say you, he/she should bark "Can we talk?", "A moment, please." and so on. There are some barks that I never heard during my playthroughs, but I cannot say what should trigger them. Eder's whistle, "This is why you were traveling alone", "Trouble up ahead". Aloth's "We're not alone" and Eder's "Trouble up ahead". Sounds like
  13. On that matter, could some kind and generous soul help me understand what Iselmyr says at round 7:05? I get most of it, but one word... And it bothers me quite a lot. I adore Matt Mercer's Scottish accent tough! "I dinnae think anything could down the hairy fellow!" Is that it? You can check it yourself, though. In \PillarsOfEternity_Data\data\localized\en\text\conversations\companions folder open companion_cv_aloth_voice_set.stringtable file in Notepad.
  14. Actually, they did. Companions' voice sets in \PillarsOfEternity_Data\data\audio\vocalization\vo wav include this barks but for some reason they never trigger. Pallegina says, for example, "Do you think if you click on me enough that I'll lay an egg? Sorry to disappoint you."
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