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  1. http://es.ign.com/pillars-of-eternity-2-pc/132817/review/pillars-of-eternity-2-deadfire-analisis-para-pc?p=2 IGN spain 92. The first one was 85.
  2. Please, Im not trying to be annoying but i want longer and thick beards for dwarves please they are awesome.
  3. https://www194.lunapic.com/editor/ What options are for the ones used in the game?
  4. i need a watercolour editor someone please send me links.
  5. i recentily used in another character in the map area, I wore it and when i back to tikawara the icon didnt show up, It must be for the recently update about the use of inventory while you are in the map area.
  6. these are the images. it happened when i put the boots in my character then i tried to put it in my companions and nothing happened the icon dont show up. It doesnt matter if its in my character or in my companions. I was thinking that maybe is because i changed the interface, but now i change it again to the default option and nothing the leap icon doesnt show up.
  7. i cant upload my save it tells me that im not permitted
  8. leap doesnt work. Im playing with a human socerer.
  9. yep its beautiful. The only thing that i dont like at all is the state of dwarfs, they need a more muscular body, better beards longer and thicker and that the armor does not hide it.
  10. Please i want to see better beards longer, not cover by the armor and the dwarf's torax in game seem too narrow please, dwarves are one of my favourite races of all time.
  11. this is the image i dont know in what save is, cause im new and i dont know how to choose the save that have the bug
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