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  1. So what multiclass alongsides Bloodmage would you recommend for the easiest time on the highest difficulty? Preferably low MIG-support variation.
  2. Good to hear, Nixi. I'll probably try it in my proper playthrough after PotD difficulty is upped a bit. Now the most difficult part for me is a stat distirubution as almost all stats are quite important for the class. Con/Res could be lowered a bit and I can probably take +10 will defense passive to mitigate that, but even then it'd be a tough decision on what numbers are optimal.
  3. As offensive caster, self-enchanting fighter with utility, as AoE buff Tank or what? For some reason this combination of the classes sounded the most stupid to me, but now I can't stop thinking about making my PC with that multiclass in the next playthrough. Both classes have poor passives for weapon-based fighting - so maybe evocation wizard + x priest would be the best combo for maximum damaging spell-casting? What's your take on the multi-class?
  4. Eh? It seems more like a continuation of the have-high-resolve-to-progress problem they created in POE1. If you didn't dump the stat into oblivion you can still get +8-10 (or even more?) bonuses to the stat from pets/food/drug/multiple items.
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