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  1. I think the religious ones are the ones that usually start those sea events where they plead you to throw 1000 gold into the sea as sacrifice to the god of water. If you agree to pay it makes them increase moral. If you disagree with paying and you also have a crew mate that has "greedy" trait, then after this event they will ask for 500 gold extra pay on top of the 1k gold, since they think you're made of money.
  2. Neketaka has the same content as both Twin Elms and Defiance Bay put together. There's seriously so much in Neketaka some of which is easy to miss out on if you don't pay attention to your quest journal.
  3. When ever the narration parts came up, I'd just mute my headset and read it myself. Literally only time I do it.
  4. The narrator was possibly the only thing that bothered me. There's something about her voice that didn't fall in tune with the theme of the game. Every time she'd pop up to narrate the god cut scenes it would pull me out of the game. Her voice more suits something like a Voice over from Disney films like Frozen or Braided. I could almost imagine her dropping out of narration and into a song. Good voice actors need to have character and depth to their voice, and if it's a non-cliche voice then its all the better. I would have preferred the voice used for Maia to be used as Narrator instead. Her
  5. So, I come on to the island and come across this Copperhead guy. He tells me to meet him at his place to tell me something. I go to his place, and he tells the whole situation and told me to inspect up in the crypt. I go there, kill everything inside. There's a gate which is close by some mechanic but this is opened by killing everyone in the crypt and using their blood to open it. Going through the gate, I come up to the peak of the crypt where I fight Mezzago. I kill him and it tells me to go speak to Copperhead. When I go back to his place he just says "Good luck" and doesn't open up di
  6. Do you have any idea what this event is? I cleared out the whole of Old town, went to the northeast corner where the elevator is but I can't find any signs of a hidden sword. Even have 18 perc so...
  7. There's a temple dedicated to woedica on an island south east region of the map. Inside there's a room with a statue sitting on a throne with a mace laying on its lap. When you try taking the statue speaks to you in your mind and tells you to leave it. I've tried inspecting the statue and inspecting the mace but can't take it. Any one know how to get it?
  8. As someone who's never played Cipher (not even in PoE1), which soulblade cipher skills are a must? I'm doing a pillar soulblade too and I feel like I have no idea what i'm doing on my cipher side. Currently level 5 so only have access to level 2 skills, but not sure how I'll progress. I took biting whip instead of draining whip, hopefully that was a good idea. It sounded better in the long run.
  9. I just got my ship fixed and went out sailing for a minute and another ship came to greet me. The Captain on board asked me to hunt for this other pirate. He also had a furry rogue assistant which i'm sure he is a companion as I've seen him in videos. But after the conversation with the captain he just left with him?
  10. Now that the game is out anyone know if you get more loot from boarding?
  11. Finally we can play! So I rolled this multiclass and thought i'd give it a try. However i'm not very familiar with cypher abilities. So a bit more info, I'm a shattered pillar monk with Soul blade cypher. I also have dual axes on a second weapon set which I use from time to time. Whilst I'm familiar with monk, which cypher abilities are best?
  12. I actually prefer 5 party members. PoE1 was too easy with 6. I had 4 ranged damage dealers and 2 tanks. Literally could take on anything.
  13. From what I've had people telling me on here is that you can use melee weapons for monk too and the damage will still apply (apart from the skill The Long Pain). My plan is to dual wield weapons that do 'slash' damage and have it in one weapon slot and on another weapon slot just have fists for crush damage. Depending on the fight, just mouse over enemies to see which damage type they're most susceptible to and use that.
  14. Hopefully people don't see this thread as a negative thing - more of a thread to spurt quirky ideas you wish were in the game. Just a fun thing to do in anticipation of the game releasing (in 2 hours from now). Pre-release majority of people haven't seen much of the game, but for the people who have seen streams/videos of the game have a rough idea of how PoE2 is. So what small features, classes, items, anything do you wish was in the game. Maybe Obsidian will put it in a future dlc. Mine are: knuckle duster - I get there are some sub classes which rely on fists alone, but I
  15. Do you get more loot if you board a ship and keep it intact vs fighting a ship on sea and sinking/looting it?
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