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  1. Isn't there also a piece you need to forge the most op two handed weapon in the game in that crate? At least there was for me. I think it might depend on your import state.
  2. I have the steam version of the game. On my computer the file is found at: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Pillars of Eternity II\PillarsOfEternityII_Data\exported\design\gamedata\global.gamedatabundle. Try this: 1. Open that file in notepad and copy all. 2. Paste it here: http://jsonviewer.stack.hu/ 3. Press the format button in jsonviewer. 4. Copy all 5. Create a new blank text file called something.gamebundle. "Something" can be whatever you want. Make sure it's called something.gamebundle NOT something.gamebundle.txt. You might have to make you OS display file endings.
  3. In the global.gamedatabundle there is an entry called: "HybridClassTitles": [ { "Class1": "Fighter", "Class2": "Barbarian", "Title": 2592 }... If you switch those "Title" numbers for the classes you want, that might do it. I haven't tried this myself though, so it only a theory at this point
  4. Walking past the dawn star preacher just north of the inn. If it doesn't fire. Try going to the temple of eothas in the temple district(I forget it's name)
  5. I made a quick test character, ran to the first inn and tried a few different builds. Fell in love with monk high lvl abilities so I went with a shattered pillar. ProTip: Whispers of the wind is extra hilarious if you use the console to give your char backstab first
  6. There is a little button next to the pet slot that does exactly that. Same with headgear.
  7. For me it triggered when I got to Nekataka. That's where you progress it anyway.
  8. The dirty talking sword from the preview sounds hilarious To those of you who have found it, where do you pick up the quest?
  9. Same here! I made a quick post in the bug report forum in the hopes that someone will take a look at this. I'm playing on POTD, but if any of you are playing another difficulty please comment on that.
  10. The little skulls that are used to indicate quest, area and mob difficulties don't seem to be working with level scaling, all, only up set. There is a thread about it here.
  11. We could really use a dedicated modding forum just like we had with POE1. When we are on the subject. Has anyone figured out how to mod the amount of skillpoints or talent points awarded at lvl up?
  12. This is very cool! I'm interested in trying my hand at some modding as well. What tools did you use, and are there any guides or other resources available?
  13. I don't really care about steam achievements, but I would like to know if Iroll20s also disables the internal achievements for berath's blessing. Anyone with early access that knows?
  14. I'm trying to plan the skill distribution for my party and I'm wondering if anyone knows the exact mechanics behind the party assist with skill checks?
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