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  1. You are looking for a more challenging rest mechanic? You think exploring the Deadfire is fun, but should include some meaningful resource management? You feel like the per-encounter to per-rest mechanic of Woedica's chellenge is too restrictive? - This mod is for you! It includes the food component of Woedica's challenge (requires patch 4.0) in Ryrmgand's challenge, so starting a game with Rymrgand's challenge means that in addition to food getting spoiled, only "Prepared Meals" will recover injuries and resources. Additional changes: -Most food spoils ~50% later -Hardtack and water spoil 100% later, but the ship morale impact is changed from -1 to -2. Published on steam. Attached .gamedatabundle files for GOG users, including a "small" version without the additional changes. Rymrgand_Food.zip
  2. Wizard Scholar Bonus: Gain the Consume Grimoire ability, which permanently destroys your equipped grimoire (you can switch in a new one from your quick slots) and provides the caster with the brilliant inspiration for 15 seconds. Once per encounter. Malus: Recovery time increased by 20%. I would like to see stuff like this. Either new game mechanics that go beyond number tweaking or really sound rp concepts (e.g. Nalpazca, Ghost Heart). Ideally both at once
  3. I am pretty sure they don't, even on potd. The only value affected by higher difficulty is a close to board damage multiplier, which I don't really consider part of ship combat. Maybe their cannoneers have higher level, or you shoot while they move and they only when you stand? Also keep in mind that every ship type has a hidden "Hittability" value (junk 70, galleon/dhow 60, voyager 55, sloop 50, longship 40)
  4. Oh, they do. They dispatching crew members just as I would do. I don't know how you come to the conclusion, they can't. I have never seen the ai getting the "repair hull" or "repair sail" event, they only ever get negative events
  5. I prefer the new combat a lot. I see were you coming from and was worried too when they announced the removal of health/endurance mechanic, but playing it I prefer this so much. It was a chore for me before to make every encounter as efficient as possible. Sure many might have fun with this, but I prefer fewer but more difficult encounters that challenge me, instead of having a challenge because I don't want to rest or backtrack. In theory many mechanics to make combat more varied are in place, but only shine in very difficult fights, which are unfortunately only the ones you are underleveled. Stuff like keyword counters, afflictions vs. inspirations and sometimes hard penetration penalties. In short: I prefer the deadfire combat already and difficulty changes will make me like it even more I agree with the food sentiment: good food should be more rare and bad food should debuff.
  6. Slavemaster: crew doesn't get daily wages, consumes only half the food, but loses 5 moral every day Generous Captain: daily wages are tripled, food costs doubled Improvise: Whenever succeeding a skill check gain -1 on used skill until resting Focused: Whenever succeeding a skill check gain +1 on used skill until resting Ancient Machinery: All sigils are indestructible Talismans: Start game with 1 of every wardstone Volatile Powder: Gunpowder barrels explode when player character comes in range Smugglers Surprise: Instead of exploding, gunpowder barrels summon a random (player level) creature when dieing
  7. But it does mean several things and only the stat is misleading. Compare Insightful with +5 perception: Insightful: counters (dispels) perception afflictions (distracted, disorientated, blinded) gets countered by perception afflictions stacks with other active perception buffs
  8. The strongest characters in my party are the multiclassed ones (fighter + paladin and ranger + wizard)
  9. Modding (up to a certain degree) in Deadfire is fairly easy. You can override items, abilities, status effects and most global variables, which are stored in the various .gamedatabundle files located in \PillarsOfEternity2_Data\exported\design\gamedata, or create your own items, abilities, status effects, etc. You can open and format those files with simple json editors. For just a quick look I recommend open a .gamedatabundle file in the windows editor, copy the text into http://jsonviewer.stack.hu/ and press format. It might take a while for the larger files though. You can also override or create new strings located \PillarsOfEternity2_Data\exported\localized\en\text\game\ as .stringtable (xml). I recommend reading this topic for more information and Gairnulf is working on a modding tool
  10. It's the other way around, blinded characters are immune to any attacks with the "gaze" keyword. That's at least how it worked in the beta
  11. What I like about this system is when you have a double damage buff (+100%) and a half damage debuff (-50%) at the same time, they even out to normal damage as I think it's reasonable. It just makes the math in the combat log hard to follow at times
  12. That's not how it works. With a 50% penalty and 1% bonus you would calculate the steps_sum to (-1) + 0.01 = -0.99 Since this is negative you apply rolled_dmg / (1-steps_sum ) = rolled_dmg / 1.99 = a factor of 0.5025
  13. Height (or more accurately the scale to all dimensions) is very easy to mod for all characters of that race/gender combination. So if you think male elves should be taller than humans you need to change a single line in the "global.gamebundle" But yeah a customize able scale just for the player character would be nice and I think relatively easy to implement
  14. This is fantastic, I could easily see it as the main theme of a high budget fantasy/historic movie. Well done!!
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