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  1. I think the combat could be really fun if most of the encounters could easily kill you. Now it's not the case even on PotD. Also while I really liked the health and endurance system from the first game, it would not work on this. Resting is too cheap and there are no big dungeons where the attrition would settle in. I think the best thing they could do regarding single encounters is reduce the healing each character can take to 3-5 times their max health, or something along those lines.
  2. I think it's always harder to write around characters that you cannot truly defeat, and make it enjoyable for the player. I think Eothas was fantastic though, but yeah. Felt like Doctor Manhattan in a way. And as you cannot really fight Eothas, the game lacked a proper finale battle. I think the guardian fight was decent, but the lack of build up leading to that didn't make me care about it's defeat. Plus the one after that was just weird, seeing the Wheel is going to get busted and they still want to engage you? Ending wasn't as bad as some games have, since there are so many things that come
  3. If you wait for all the DLC, they've probably fixed all the bugs, balanced the game, made harder difficulties more difficult and just made it more enjoyable to play. It's probably also gonna be cheaper from a sale, even with the DLC. So I don't really see the big issue here. I knew that there were gonna be bugs, but I couldn't invoke enough willpower to keep me from playing it anyway. But as with Pillars 1, this will endure multiple playthroughs easily, so it's not a problem for me either.
  4. Played through the game on PotD and found it extremely easy. With the recent talks of devs making difficulty harder on Veteran and PotD, I thought it'd be cool to throw down ideas for challenges and negative blessings. Would be weird to call them blessings or even curses by Berath, so could call them Woedica's Curses, for example. Name doesn't matter at this point. I think they should still cost points from the shared blessing/curse pool and not give negative points, so completing challenges still matters. And they should remain relatively simple in line with blessings, since modifiers are
  5. This was linked earlier, but any talented person want to do watercolours for this? It's perfect for a witty, swashbuckly orlan type character.
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