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  1. Hmm... That's odd. Definitely, sounds like a bug. Do you have a save file for it? I mention it, because I know the devs are going to ask for one in order to reproduce and try to fix it.
  2. Yeah, I'm pretty sure this is a known bug. It's been happening to me since the game's release. Not really a game breaker or anything, but definitely an annoyance. I am curious though, if the spell resistance bug for Xoti's Lantern has been fixed with the beta patch or not? Does anyone know?
  3. I've had this happen before. Usually, I put the surgeon in the resting crew slot, and then put the injured crewman in play until I see the message about "-2 morale Working while Hurt." Once I see that I put the surgeon back on active duty, and then put the injured crewman in the resting slot and that seems to fix it. This has happened a couple of times to me. I'm not 100% sure, but I think it has to do with the medicine count not being used properly. After doing the steps I listed, it seems to correct itself and start using medicine again. Once the medicine starts going down you can pull into
  4. Personally, I would love to be able to pick a deity to follow regardless of what class you're playing. Granted, Priests should definitely get the most out of their deities since that's their main focus, but I would love the roleplaying ability to pick a god even if I'm not a priest. I was disappointed in both PoE games that I couldn't have my ranger be a follower of Galawain, or a paladin of Eothas, or whatever. The gods are a major focus of the plot in both games, so it'd be cool to see that reflected in them acknowledging you. I realize that also would mean more work for Obsidian, but I
  5. I know this is a spoilers forum, but I thought I'd mark this thread anyway to help those who might accidentally wander in here. Anyways, onto the topic at hand... I cleared my first game last night, and am now looking to start a new playthrough as a Templar multi-class. I'm mostly playing for the dialogue and roleplaying potential, but I'm terrible at builds, so I thought I'd come and ask some help from the wonderful peeps here. I'm thinking about playing a Death Godlike Pal/Priest of Berath, or a Pal/Priest of Eothas for any race. Any advice on what talents or abilities you guys would
  6. I got it while playing on Story mode. Pretty sure the difficulty doesn't matter. Check the link below. I list what I did step-by-step. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/97966-issue-triggering-mutineer-achievement/
  7. Yeah, I see it on my list of DLC, but it's not working for me either.
  8. I just managed to get the achievement to pop. It was actually really simple. I took all of my food and drink and put them in the ship's cargo inventory, so that the crew had nothing to consume. I then purposely bought a bunch of stuff to get my gold to 0. Just keep wandering around the map and morale will plummet super fast. Eventually, while in transit you'll get a popup event where the crew mutinies. Make sure to select the [attack] option during the scripted event and the achievement will immediately pop. I made the mistake the first time around and selected the option to "use violence and
  9. Just out of curiosity, did you guys import a save history, or did you use the editor? Also, which version of Aloth is in your current playthrough - Grandmaster Aloth or Anti-Leaden Key Aloth? I was going for the latter, but I screwed up a dialogue option after killing Thaos in PoE1, and ended up with Grandmaster Aloth trying to keep the truth of the gods secret. I'm wondering if his state has anything to do with the problems you guys are having?
  10. What difficulty are you playing on? I ask because on the thread for "known issues" they have a bug listed that keeps the crew from dying or exiting combat on story mode which could be causing your problem. I'm actually getting ready to try for that achievement soon, so I hope that this can all be resolved.
  11. His approval is currently at 2 for my Watcher, so I'm not sure if you've run into a bug, or you've just been really unlucky with your choices. I've been making a lot of benevolent and honest choices and he seems to like those. He really likes dutiful responses.
  12. Oh good, then it's not just me. I thought maybe something got screwed up during my import.
  13. I will definitely be playing on the 8th. I'm really psyched for this game. I just can't decide on what build I want to try first. Most likely a ranger of some kind. I'm thinking about an archer build, but I'm not sure if I should be pure ranger or do some multi-classing.
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