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  1. The game has a ton of replayability. Play it now. Then again in 6 months. Also anyone saying the game is broken is a moron. I beat the game without encountering any game breaking bugs AND I unlocked 100% of the Achievements. I played for 75 hours. The game is not broken.
  2. Which is a shame. I would drop $250 on Tyranny 2 Collectors Edition in a heartbeat. Im just hoping a Post Apocalyptic CRPG gets made by Obsidian. People always remember Baldur's Gate/Planescape Torment. But my fave CRPG and Top 5 GOAT will always be Fallout 2. Black Isle Studios made that game and Obsidian rose from those ashes. They could base it on GURPS like it was originally intended. It would be perfect too since Josh wants to work on something different.
  3. I think people forget that these Kickstarted/Fig backed CRPGs are Indie games. Steam Charts are irrelevant as the majority of the fans backed the game and that doesn't show up on Sales. Also GoG, Amazon and other retailers sell the game as well. The Fig Campaign made $4.5 Million in Pre-Sales. Overall the game is very successful for a Indie Game. VA is actually very expensive. Plus they voice acted the whole game that took a big chunk of the development costs. A 4 Hour Session per day is $850-$900 for upto 3 Voices. The other option is the hourly rate of $451 per Voice. Not to mention
  4. I like Tyranny and Deadfire considerably more than POE1. Both had far better stories, pacing and gameplay. As for Deadfire vs Tyranny thats tough. Both are exceptional. I would say Tyranny Better: Setting/Plot Magic System Factions Story Choice Impact World Building NPCs Deadfire Better: Companions Exploration Class System Combat Side Quests Character Creation
  5. I had the same thing but it turns out you have to reach Ukaizo (make sure it says it's completed in the journal) then save the game, quit, and load that save. It should unlock when you load the save. This worked for me as well, thanks. Samesies
  6. Being a Director is a bunch of stress. Being a Lead is much more cushy. Im sure Josh just wants to take it easy for awhile. Here is hoping they fix the companion reputations and some of the performance bugs that 1.02 brought about.
  7. If you lost your save check these two locations: C:\Users\Username\Saved Games\Pillars of Eternity II C:\Users\Username\AppData\LocalLow\Obsidian Entertainment\Pillars of Eternity II I recommend backing saved game folders up with a scheduled task script to a Cloud Backup folder or use folder replication. Steam Cloud isn't very good and will often overwrite/delete your save file hosted on the server. Here is the command I use: Robocopy "C:\Users\USERNAME\Saved Games" "C:\Users\USERNAME\OneDrive\Saved Games" /MIR /XA:H /LOG+:"C:\Users\USERNAME\OneDrive\Scripts\Logs\Save Back.txt" You can ad
  8. Had no issue before but after the patch I started a new Play-through and am constantly hitting this issue as a Fire Godlike(Elf) War Caller. Took me 15 minutes just to get from Berath to my Body. Now on the beach I am having the same trouble. Created a 2nd New char on POTD to try and repro and chose Island Aumaua and had the same pathing issue.
  9. Sounds like you hate it because you don't understand it. The Ship Combat is amazing. Close to Cannon Range Turn To Port/Starboard Halt Fire Cannons Jibe Halt Fire Cannons Repeat Steps 5-7 Just destroyed the Black Isle Bastards and Captain Fygist and it was fun. Double Bronzers are the way to go! The Kapana Taga looks like an interesting sword.
  10. If you want a harder game you can turn on Trial of Iron POTD Expert Mode with no Berath's Blessing. Although I hope they eventually add something like Berath's Curses that afflict your Char in a negative way. Like how the Skulls affect Halo games. For example the Famine skull did this "Effect: Weapons dropped by AI have half the ammo they normally would" for the whole campaign. Berath's Curses could have: (already in-game effects) Curse of Darkness: ?? Curse of Morality: ?? Curse of Atrophy: -10 Might Curse of Nightmares: -2 Resolve When Damaged for 30 Seconds (Stacks) Curse of Blackened Sig
  11. because the game currently isnt big enough to make them worthwhile, by the time you gain enough levels to get what you want half the game is over, I will be rolling multis after the expansions come out That's the perfect point why multi-classing is good. Currently the game lacks end-game challenges so much, that the early boost of multi-classing is way more worthwhile than the op spells at a later level, you just become op later anyway, so no need for those op spells. The game isn't big enough for the end single class spells to reach their full benefits. Once they tune POTD
  12. There is a Boss down here you can fight and from your screen shot you already discovered it. Im pretty sure thats the ancient being. Also they have a treasure room connected to the boss room. *Note: im not talking about the Sunken City either
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