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  1. Mine had a case with a card in it that contained a code that you needed to enter on the site to get your code to download online.
  2. Hey Townsendvol, same thing happened to me - Backer updates stopped coming even though my mails were set up correctly in both fig and backer portal. I contacted support at https://support.obsidian.net/ and they got it fixed within just a couple of days. Thank you, I will give it a shot.
  3. Dan, My account is updated with my current email but I have not been getting emails for a long time now, is there someone I need to check with or is there a setting I might be missing?
  4. Hi Dan, I appreciate your quick reply, sorry if I seem frustrated, well because I am. I do appreciate your efforts and the new commitment to providing better and quicker feedback.
  5. HI Dan, Good to hear things are finally shipping or at least they are supposed to be. Can you tell me why yall are just now working on this: Shipping Status: Waiting to hear back as to how we can get shipment confirmation to update your status on our side. I mean couldn't the process have been finalized before now? Why wait till after things start shipping to try to come up with a plan to update shipping status?? I mean it seems as if you guys act like you have never done this before and don't know how it works.
  6. Dan, Thank you for the reply. I certainly look forward to receiving my items and appreciate the unforeseen issues you all faced, however as the other person stated more updates (even with potentially less info) is better than fewer updates that still didn't say anything. Glad you all seem to be on top of it now and hopefully will come out the other side a bit wiser. Wish you all the best and hope to see my stuff soon.
  7. Dan, I appreciate you guys finally providing an update with some actual information in it. Can you tell us what caused the delays for the items in the Ohio center? I am just trying to understand how we got to 8/1 and still do not have the product.
  8. I believe that I will eventually get my stuff but I no longer trust them due to the way they have handled this.
  9. Hopefully they don't even offer them again so they wont fail so horribly again. I wont ever back again for physical reward. Not sure I would even back the game, at this point I don't think they need my money to get it done.
  10. They would still find a way to be several months late. Didn't learn from PoE, why would they learn from PoE 2.
  11. I am just assuming if there ever is a PoE 3, that those of us that backed with physical rewards on PoE2 will get to play PoE3 for a few months before we have to pay for it.
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