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  1. Dan H, Just wanted to let you know I did receive my physical rewards on Wednesday. Thank you for taking steps to get them out to your physical rewards backers. Everything was in order. The only issue I had was my statue box came crushed on one corner but the actual statue itself was undamaged. I was a bit surprised at how small the limited signed print was, still I did receive everything I had ordered. As I have seen here from many of my fellow backers there is an underlying frustration which I do understand. I can admit to being frustrated myself. But, I also am a program manager that runs a large team of project managers in my "real world". So I understand SNAFU's. As I have said previously and not to beat that dead horse, the biggest issue I had and seems to be echoed by many others is we wish you had made the decision to keep us in the know instead of going dark while you tried to fix what was broken. Still, since you came back a couple weeks back you have made good to keep us regularly updated. The true measure of any entity, whether it be man or organization, is not how they handle things when everything is running smoothly but how they overcome a crisis or challenge. I am sure after you break this project down during your postmortem and identify where you did well and what you could have done better, it will provide insight and direction for that next time. Appreciate you getting us sorted.
  2. Oddly enough NOW they are showing up. All of them. LOL. I actually had checked my previous posts again today to be sure that the POE1 badges were not showing before I posted this. Not sure what changed from then to now but I can plainly see that all badges are now displayed on my profile. LOL!
  3. Hello. On my profile, I have 3 POE1 badges from when I supported the first game. They show up in my profile under "badges" section but they do not show up on my posts. Only my POE2 badges do. Is there a reason for this? Do I need to change something in my profile preferences? Thank you for any insight you can offer here.
  4. I did get a response from Obsidian today. I contacted them via messenger on their Facebook Page. I have posted thee cut/paste response I received in my forum post (link below). Hopefully they will make a formal post on this soon. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/104218-poe2-backer-physical-rewards-when/
  5. I chose to reach out to the Obsidian team on their Facebook page. Surprisingly enough I did get a quick response from them. The response that I received was open and honest. I just wish I had not had to beg across multiple platforms trying to get this response. The explanation makes sense. It is an answer I can understand and respect. And though it is not the answer I was hoping for it does make perfect sense. As I told them in my response to them I just wish they had chosen to share this message with us backers proactively instead of reacting to our voice of complaint and dissatisfaction. Obsidian Response via Facebook Messenger: HI there, Virtopian! Thank you for reaching out to us and I apologize that you have not felt heard. If you let me know your username, I'll send it over to our forum peeps to see what's going on with your posts, as that shouldn't be a thing. As for your inquiry into the physical rewards, you have every right to be upset. In the last Backer Update (https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/103895-update-52-beast-of-winter-preview/) we gave some news, but after sending that out, things happened with our European distribution center that was out of our control. We will be sending out an update to all of our Physical Backers very soon. The long and short of is that while our goods are in the distribution center, the European distribution center revealed to us that they went bankrupt and wouldn't be able to fulfill their commitment to ship items out. We have been scrambling to find a place that can take the items from them and get them out, and we hope we finally have a solution. It isn't ideal and we're beside ourselves that we have let it come to this as we had every intention to get the physical rewards out to everyone when the game launched. That didn't happen and it's making us evaluate how we would do physical orders (or do them all) in the future if we did another crowdfunding experience. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused and we are aiming to resolve the issue as quickly as we possibly can. Best, -Mikey Dowling In addition to this response I have asked their support team to post an official update on the Fig site and they said that the Project manager responsible for the physical rewards should be responding here on the Forums soon. I do not like the answer obviously but it is something I do understand. For future feedback all I can say to the Obsidian team is to keep your backers in the know. Do not ignore us. Do not go dark. Transparency is a good thing. Under promise and over deliver. To my fellow backers, I am as hopeful as you that I am looking forward to my physical rewards as much as you...
  6. All I can tell you is I have been waiting along with you. They (Obidian) feels that silence is the way to handle this.... Out of sight may feel like out of mind but it is less about not receiving my physical rewards as it is the fact they have chosen to ignore the financial backers that helped bring their dream to a reality. That is just poor business. Whatever happened to under promise and over deliver? Now days it seems to be more and more about over promising and then under delivering. Just my 2 cents. Not that they seem to have to listened to my input up till now...
  7. Hello Obsidian team, I was not sure where to post my question specifically so I chose here. If it is not the right spot than please feel free to move it wherever you feel it belongs. I have not seen any recent updates on when we, the project backers, would receive their physical rewards? Originally they were supposed to be in our hands when the game went live. I understand you had some setbacks on collecting all of the physical rewards in time to make that a reality. Since that though you have not really provided any details and/or schedule on when we can expect all of these rewards we invested in? Could you please provide that to us so we know what to expect? Living in a vacuum without any direction is frustrating and I invested a very significant amount of money into this project and would simply like to receive that which I paid for or at the very least get an official commitment from you as to when these physical rewards can be expected. Thank you for your time and attention to this matter. Respectfully, A long time backer and enjoyer of the POE series... Virtopian
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