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  1. Lol, that sounds only slightly worse than default male Nature Godlike face Well, maybe some day you'll figure it out. But even without new heads this mod of yours is a true miracle. It seriously made my day, I'm so happy
  2. This is something I've desperately wished for since game launch! My main and favourite character is Nature Godlike, and I was so disappointed with the default skin colour. It made my poor character look like acid Shrek. I've gotten used to my eyes bleeding eventually, but I kept hoping someone talented would be able to fix the situation some day. And here we are! By the way, do you have plans to add more heads for male Nature Godlikes? I'm not exactly fond of default face is what I'm saying Would it be possible to add Moon Godlike's face as an option? I can imagine it's not easy to edit all this stuff though, and you've already done so much amazing work, so you know, just asking Seriously, this is incredible. Thank you!
  3. I can't do any better than this :D Would appreciate some help
  4. So I've been playing for 22 hours (yes, I've got no life) and so far Aloth hasn't reacted to anything in terms of approval. Yeah, he likes dutiful and whatever. Which apparently means he likes Xoti and Pallegina. He reacts to their dialogue and gains progress with them, like he's at level 2 with Xoti atm. Not with me. I feel like I'm being very dumb and the solution should be easy, but no matter what I say or how many times I replay various conversations Aloth's approval level is always at 0 for me. It's driving me crazy. Also he doesn't even approve completing his personal quest. I didn't know where to go (neither did Aloth) and I've literally mapped the whole archipelago just to find whatever he asked for. So maybe - just maybe - he should've approved me a little bit. But no. Aloth is that hard to impress :/ So what's up with this?
  5. I didn't expect detailed appearance customization, but come on. Two head options with basically the same face (that has no forehead, no eyebrows and unremovable stubble), no changing skin colour (wouldn't be an issue if default colour wasn't so irritating and just ugly), hair clipping in ears and horns... First game didn't have much customization either, but I did like one of the three Nature Godlike's faces and it fit great with the portrait. And now my poor character's been replaced with a drunken shaggy Shrek. All other godlikes look fine to my tastes, by the way. Could use some variety, but still, they are fine. But I can't just change the race, my character is Nature Godlike in my story and I love him. Eh, if I could have just one more face option... Not that it would ruin the whole game, of course, but it surely ruined my mood. apologies for bad English, I'm not a native speaker and I'm agitated
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