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  1. Yeah, it's a little bit confusing. When I played the game for the first time, I wasn't even sure how pets work It's done, thank you so much!
  2. Okay, so, I decided to try this before going to bed It works. However! Can you spot a tiny problem? (It's not the mismatched descriptions, that's on purpose) Resolve. Nalvi here has +1 resolve, which I'm not getting, so I reckon it's not tied to the other effect. I've tried to put some other effect instead, but it didn't work. Either I do things like I did before and like you wrote - and simply get Armor Rec, or I experiment and everything just goes completely blank with no effects and descriptions at all Well, clearly I'm doing something wrong, but I don't know what Qu
  3. Reading and replying to edited comments is about the only thing I'm hella fast at I was doing something similar by myself without any instructions just by searching up abilities Guids, but I got confused by them fast and everything resulted in a bunch of Missing Strings, even though I think I edited the .stringtable correctly. But I did change the ability to Peter's. It looked borked, but it was there Thank you for your help! I'll try again tomorrow, hopefully your instructions will help me avoid confusion
  4. I feel like I'm going nuts, I haven't even seen what you wrote there Not sure tbh. Probably extra area of effect and maybe reduce armor recovery (I'm so sorry for being so damn slow, hope I don't annoy you :D)
  5. Thanks, it's working! I did write a thing to drop the pet straight to inventory, but crate works better for RP
  6. Gotcha. I figured I need a new one, just didn't know how to get it Alrighy, thanks! I didn't even know what to search for. I'll try this. Thanks for helping!
  7. Aaaand hello again, I'm still dumb. I'm bringing back Pumpkin the cat from the first game, bc I refuse to believe she died and she's canon pet for my Watcher lol. I've been trying to figure this out, and decided to edit an existing pet for practice. Thanks to this exercise, I've successfully learned to edit names, descriptions and icons (kinda). However, there's still quite a bit of stuff I have questions about. I've tried looking at some mods for an example, but it didn't help much. 1. IDs What I mean is crap like this "ID": "3156219f-c117-4ea8-a14d-c727cbc13321"
  8. Surprisingly, there's indeed few worries to be found I think it's working and my game hasn't gone up in flames just yet! And if anything does go wrong, I kinda understand what's going on and what to do now. So thank you soooo much once again!
  9. Thank you! I'll try this. Can I ask you further questions when I inevitably screw something up?
  10. Hi everyone. I've never modded anything for Deadfire in my life, so I have no idea where to begin. I'm hoping someone might help me here and explain some stuff. What I want to do is to give a Fury Druid an option to choose their Spiritform. Fury is almost perfect both gameplay and RP-wise for my druid, but the storm blight is kinda messing up my playstyle. Well, I want to either have an option to choose or just straight up change the blight form to a different one. I know how to change stuff in general and make a mod file btw. I just don't know where the info I need is stored and wha
  11. Lol, that sounds only slightly worse than default male Nature Godlike face Well, maybe some day you'll figure it out. But even without new heads this mod of yours is a true miracle. It seriously made my day, I'm so happy
  12. This is something I've desperately wished for since game launch! My main and favourite character is Nature Godlike, and I was so disappointed with the default skin colour. It made my poor character look like acid Shrek. I've gotten used to my eyes bleeding eventually, but I kept hoping someone talented would be able to fix the situation some day. And here we are! By the way, do you have plans to add more heads for male Nature Godlikes? I'm not exactly fond of default face is what I'm saying Would it be possible to add Moon Godlike's face as an option? I can imagine it's not easy to edit
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