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  1. Hello everyone! I am pretty bad at theorycrafting, I completed Poe1 with Boeroers amazingly fun Schemers Needler character, but I have some problems getting the concept to work in Poe2. I was wondering if anyone had any tips or tricks or maybe even a complete build lying around somewhere to make a Priest of Skaen decent in Deadfire? RP > Powergaming for this one. But I am not above multiclassing! Thanks in advance!
  2. Looking to make an Officer inspired Priest of Magran build. Mostly an RP for Normal or possibly Hard difficulty with companions from the game. Almost like Cadegund from the companions that were dropped before release. Think heavy plate, arquebus, sword and shield. Anyone got any tips for stats, talents, gear to look out for (and what quests to do to get that gear)? Would appreciate any tips and hints at all. I know I want to play Human (Meadow Folk), and that I want to be a Priest of Magran and Mercenary background. But other than that I am flexible. Thanks alot!
  3. Hello! Long time lurker, first time commentator here. Love your builds, Boeroer. I have to say. Amazing stuff! Doing my first full real playthrough of the game right now (I'm a bit of a Noob so will probably only go for Normal or Hard for now), but seriously considering this build for my main (Scheemers Needler). A couple of questions though. 1, I can't seem to match your stat allocation, I always end up with 12 Int (Missing 3 total points), am I missing something here? 2, Does this build still work with the latest patch? Any new items I should possibly be aware of or new enchants etc? N
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