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  1. Are there clerics in this game? I must have missed that update...
  2. It worries me that there are no trees on the path until after the 3.5 million goal. Does that mean that we didn't give enough to have trees in the game too? The castle is probably where they are going to have the launch party for the 10k fatcat donors...
  3. I think any crafting should only have cosmetic effects. Changing the color or some other aspect of the appearance of an item is fine, but improving the stats can be problematic.
  4. Exactly this! Especially since the funny lines were still in-character even as they broke the fourth wall. 'The day will come when Tiax shall point and click!'
  5. The kickstarter was going for what, 30 days? 31? And we've received 24 updates about the game, with probably one more confirming that the 3.5 million goal was reached and ending the kickstarter campaign for a total of 25. The game will come out (maybe) in April 2014. I don't know if we will receive 25 more updates on this scale in between now and then. This will lead to those with specific concerns (kill xp leading the way for some reason) becoming nervous. I believe that the community supporting this game is as united now as it ever will be. By next week factions supporting/opposed to various gameplay mechanics, aesthetic design choices, secondary features, etc will emerge in force and begin to do battle in earnest. Remember what brought you here in the first place fellow Eternites! (a term I just made up) Keep the faith!
  6. I'd like it if your race/background determined which city the game starts in. Or if that is not possible that it would determine which city (or neither) that you were born and raised in (so that some NPCs there have different starting reactions to the PC). Added touches like that add to immersiveness and increase replayability.
  7. Now the hard times begin. Devs can't talk about high-level concepts and play DnD forever. And once crunch time arrives there will be less community interaction and fewer questions answered. The fanbase becomes nervous and accuses Obsidian of losing their way. "This isn't the game that I paid for you to make!" Accusations abound, the release date slips and outright panic sets in. Then the game comes out and lo and behold it is a marvelous thing: the fusion of fanboi hopes and dreams and dev sweat, blood and tears. And the masses rejoice and the game flies off of the digital shelves and publishers take note and all is right with the world. ...at least thats how I see it happening.
  8. A fetch quest can be well done or poorly done. In ME3 and DA2 when I was given the quest item to the NPC I often had to check my log to see what exactly I had done for them because the requests/reactions were so similar. In New Vegas even if the mechanics are technically the same the presentation is different. Help a group of explosives junkies float a WWII era bomber out of a lake. Recruit talent for a Vegas stage show. Create a sexbot named Fisto. Fix up a rocket so some ghouls can head to outer freaking space! Oh, and for anyone who didn't like Xenogears... I admit it takes a looooooooong time to get going... and the manual doesn't do a good job of explaining certain game mechanics... and some events are totally inexplicable when you first see them (the intro)... yet it remains to me the greatest JRPG of all time.
  9. I think this harkens to the issue of enemy AI, they just ignore the unconcious? Could seem pretty odd that someone who was beating the crap out of you sees you fall down and is ready to kill you, then ignores you and runs off to fight someone else. From the reddit Q&A it was mentioned that for an enemy to focus on an opponent who was already down while ignoring more immediate threats would be poor tactics. My guess about how health would work in a non-permadeath 'maiming' scenario is that a mained character is totally helpless until you take them all the way back to town and rest, possibly at an added cost. That would preserve the notion of losing all of your health a big deal without having a permenant consequence,
  10. The problem with game length is that the variation from person to person can be 50 hours or more. I remember someone laid out on a website how they used exploits and glitches to beat Dragon Age Origins in about 5 hours and insisted that this meant that the game had no content somehow. I think a better question would be: how much stuff is there to do? In New Vegas the main quest is relatively short and consists of mostly walking around to discover locations. But in my latest playthrough I was at 150+ hours in with the main quest barely started. If a game is tightly scripted it can be long by linking enough areas/hubs together (the original Deus Ex) but that is not the direction Obsidian is going for.
  11. Full dating sim mini-game! It has been done before in an RPG: (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thousand_Arms) Yeah... I went there...
  12. Ah, roleplaying your character... *potential response for the PC in BG1 to an NPC* "Ok, I've just about had my FILL of riddle asking, quest assigning, insult throwing, pun hurling, hostage taking, iron mongering, smart arsed fools, freaks, and felons that continually test my will, mettle, strength, intelligence, and most of all, patience! If you've got a straight answer ANYWHERE in that bent little head of yours, I want to hear it pretty damn quick or I'm going to take a large blunt object roughly the size of Elminster AND his hat, and stuff it lengthwise into a crevice of your being so seldom seen that even the denizens of the nine hells themselves wouldn't touch it with a twenty-foot rusty halberd! Have I MADE myself CLEAR?!" hehe... he's saying what we're all thinking!
  13. That's true. If you are using an all-custom party anyway and someone dies, what keeps you from replacing them with another custom character with all the same skills? What if there was an escalating cost every time you recruited a PC from the hall? Justifiable in-game because if you acquire a reputation for treating your party members as red shirts, new recruits would be more... reluctant to take part in your heroic journey. Also, and only slightly related, but it reminds me of an exchange from Lost Season 1: *Boone and Locke are walking through the jungle and marking trees with pieces of a red shirt so they won't get lost* BOONE: Red shirt. LOCKE: Huh? BOONE: Ever watch Star Trek? LOCKE: Nah, not really. BOONE: The crew guys that would go down to the planet with the main guys, the captain and the guy with the pointy ears, they always wore red shirts. And they always got killed. LOCKE: Yeah? BOONE: Yeah. LOCKE: Sounds like a piss-poor captain.
  14. Have you played Fallout New Vegas? There were many conversation options that opened up quest/gameplay possibilities based on your skills, perks and even reputation with various factions. I believe that is the kind of thing you are asking for.
  15. Since the hall is already in, why not make it the focal point for PC leveling as well? After you hit a certain low-level cap (say 3 or 4) you can't advance in level anymore until you go the Adventurer's Hall and pay to be trained up to the next level. Or if that is too much, maybe a fee to acquire certain class abilities. Hmm... sounded less divisive in my head.
  16. Bah! Cromwell was boring. Bring back Cespenar!! 'Needs must I look through your belongings? Oooooooo... shiny ones!!!'
  17. I got a little nervous when he talked about the TOEE UI. For the life of me I could never make heads or tails of that interface. I guess I could read through the manual again, but should that really be necessary? That could make sense for an 'old-school' game, but that was one of the things I was glad to see go.
  18. I thought this was a new romance thread from reading the title. It wasn't... but gave me warm and fuzzy feelings anyway.
  19. I just figured the monk was stretching before going out on his morning jog... or something. Also, I wonder if that tattoo of the eye on his stomach is decorative or functional. My theory was that tattoo choices would have to be permanent stat tradeoffs because, you know, tattoos! It's not like just everyone is an immortal that can get away with taking them on/off whenever they wanted.
  20. Also, for really weird races; get thee to The Ur-Quan Masters (the enhanced free fan remake of Star Control 2). More of an action/adventure than an rpg but... There's a race that does nothing but troll people, a race that wears masks for every occasion (well, they used to...), the race with speech patterns so weird even your onboard AI can't translate them properly, the robots that try to genocide everything because their diplomatic code has a bug on one line. *deep breath* The typical 'grey' aliens, the hot amazon aliens, the lawful/neutral evil conquering/exterminating aliens, the scottish cat aliens, the hippy stork aliens, the slaver aliens that look like blobs of dough, the aliens that are afraid of EVERYTHING and several more I can't think of. http://sc2.sourceforge.net/ Check it out sometime. Even the voice acting is gold.
  21. The problem is that an idea like this would have to be designed separately as its own minigame. Art assets (for ships, naval weapons, sea creatures), animations, AI coding... all of these things would exist only in naval combat and nowhere else. And since it wouldn't be part of the core gameplay it would probably be an optional sequence. And to put time into non-reusable code for a part of the game many people won't see... I just don't see it happening.
  22. I think you would have groups of people trolling who would only give low stats and other people who felt bad and have all high stats. Maybe you'd be happy with an in-game test that (optionally) determines some of your attributes a la Fallout 3? If you seriously want your writing to be critiqued by strangers... on the internet... you're just asking for trouble.
  23. Supposedly Overhaul is interesting in having a remake of Planescape after they finish the 'enhanced editions' of BG 1 and 2. I know that Bioware lost the original art assets for BG (somehow) so they couldn't make an HD version, but it might still be possible for PST.
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