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  1. A Nalpazca suffers the effects of drug crash even after Arcane Dampener wears off. Re-applying drugs removes drug crash (-100% healing and wound degeneration). The negative effects of the drug also persist until the drug is reapplied, even though the positive effect returns when Arcane Dampener fades.
  2. If you want a solution before an official patch, the mod I listed above works on this too. Remove effects -> find Xoti's Lantern buff. You're right. It works. The mod also let me re-enable level scaling mid-game, which is cool. Thanks. No problem.
  3. I'm thinking of going for a Sage (Monk/Wizard) multiclass for the Arcane Reflection spells in order to protect my Nalpazca's drug benefits. Could also wear one of those rings with "Suppress Affliction", I suppose. Arcane reflection only works on targeted spells. Single class Nalpazca can craft arcane reflection potions at a much higher level than dual class wizard can cast it if you put all your points into Alchemy and wear alchemy gear.
  4. A temporary work around is to use the unity console mod. There is an option to remove effects. It also works if you are stuck with an old version of a buff. Removing and re-applying updates the effect.
  5. Lifegiver is really fun, too. Adds a bit of a tactical element to your healing while also making it very strong and long lasting. (Doubling your class power at level 5! And getting six times the benefit you would at level 1! (Granted the level 1 rejuvenation spell only gains duration, I believe, so it isn’t THAT cool, but 5 power levels will probably be significant for most of the game.)) I bet a single class livegiver coul facilitate a whole group of helwalkers. Playing around on PotD with a two man group (other member was a Nalpazca Devoted, just because I like it) and Druid healed them
  6. The codex is an awful and horrifying place The fact that I used to agree with the people over at RPGCodex is a persistent source of mild shame for me. Codex is a cool place with many interesting and nuanced discussions, and a very diverse pool of members from all around the world. Not sarcasm. Diverse, sure (although the internet is a just diverse by itself). Nuance? No, definitely not. Just lots of casual slurs, racism, sexism, and tons of whining Check out this thread on “random” vs deterministic systems in RPGs—glaze over the few, clearly sarcastic/hyperbolic, one-line ad hominem
  7. The codex is an awful and horrifying place The fact that I used to agree with the people over at RPGCodex is a persistent source of mild shame for me. Codex is a cool place with many interesting and nuanced discussions, and a very diverse pool of members from all around the world. Not sarcasm.
  8. Single class lifegiver druid stag shapeshift. I can cast Moon's Light and Nature's Vigor in stag form, but when trying to cast Nature's Balm the character model freezes (no animation) & does nothing until shapeshift runs out, then Nature's Balm is immediately cast. If I move or do anything else while shape shifted, the spell is canceled. I can cast the spell when not shapeshifted.
  9. I think he made a rather obvious claim and then tried to back it up with an argument. That claim being: Reviews should be objective. That said, I think subjectivity has an important place in reviews, both implicitly and explicitly. The explicit: Statements akin to: "I really enjoy blue, and I really enjoy this game in the same way." (Suppose blue in this instance is not a simply measured objective quality, but rather the general "feel" or "style" of a game.) I say this is important because sometimes the objective measures of a game don't necessarily capture the "fun" of it. It can be a val
  10. I absolutely don't want dialogue cut and combat made easy, but if people bought the first game and then wrote, "You know, I LOVED PoE, but it could do without so much of that story thing" it would be silly for the developers to read that as: "You know, I LOVED PoE, but I wouldn't buy PoE2 unless you cut it out with that meaningful narrative shtick." If they loved it the first time, they'd probably come back for seconds if you gave them more of the same. If the devs change their design philosophy, it's probably for other reasons, unless they're simply misguided. If the only driving force be
  11. Not really. I am sure that there is a formula to make RPG 's successful for the average gamer.as in, there must be a specific mixture of (complexity of) story, graphics, action etc. which will most appeal to as large a group as possible. And that group and that mixture will then count as the average,which is not what this specific game is designed for. This specific game is designed for a specific audience, and people like Luckmann, Stun and me want to reserve this type of game as it is and not have it become more average. That said, glad the game is getting good press. I really don't
  12. (For what it's worth, you accidentally put your name on my quote, 8P) You're right. The smallclothes thing was an exaggeration, and was kind of beside the point. What is the reason anyone wants WSIWYG loot? It certainly isn't "because I feel the game is really lacking if you can't realistically take any object that would actually be take-able." Hence the reason you don't see anyone saying "Man, I really don't want to run into a situation in which I fight a naked guy and can't loot all his fingernails," and instead you see examples such as "I hate it when I fight a bandit with a shnazzy blade
  13. I think that's a good mentality post-production, but not during. Having a coherent, tight-knit world where things "make sense" sets the mood for the more theatrical narratives. It's part of world-building to have explanations, which is probably why Sanderson details and mentions that Kaladin has a brand on his forehead instead of simply having in-universe characters acknowledge that he's a slave without any explanation. Leaving it up to the reader to infer that he has some sort of distinguishing slave-mark would be poor taste.
  14. The problem I see with "just drop the cool stuff or stuff for crafting" is that your system will degenerate into mindless loot clicking. Everything will be cool or for crafting, so pretty much everything will be worth picking up. It takes away the excitement of finding cool stuff, because everything is cool. In different genres of games, I'm actually in favor of the style you're suggesting. For example, Dark Souls or Bound by Flame pretty much only use the "drop cool stuff" mechanic, and something like Monster Hunter uses the "only drop crafting stuff" mechanic. I enjoy the aforementioned game
  15. But what if it wouldn't be random breaking items? But if an enemy wears Leather Armor, you always find Leather Straps on that enemy? (representable crafting items~ "What You See Is What You Get" with a twist~) That might be a good idea for some game, but it's a pretty drastic step away from the Black Isle tradition. As a personal preference, I like to find whole items on enemies; it's more exciting. Bringing home a pile of scraps and making something of it is more of a chore in a game like this. You also have to take into account getting equipment to start with, assuming you don't start with
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