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Found 13 results

  1. Well, I know this is quite trivial and that I can easily test it, but perhaps I can get a quick answer here. So, during the Council of Stars quest you pray to the gods and you have to tell them the right words, or else they summon monsters to attack you. Either way your praying conversation continues and the quest progresses. My question is, does it benefit me to answer correctly or not? Do I get more xp perhaps? I'd like to kill more monsters instead, for xp, for loot, for fun... But I am not sure about the potential rewards xp-wise. What's the difference in those two approaches then, anyone knows?
  2. Hi Obsidian ! Let's make a deal : Since we haven't reached the 4.75M Stretch Goal for "Sea Monsters & Fishing". BUT, went pretty close to it, having raised roughly about 4.7M. So, for the lack of these missing 50K.... You could just cut out the Fishing part & give us Sea Monsters ? What do you say ? Deal ? After all, 200k were raised for that goal right ? PS : The wait is....... HYPING.
  3. In keeping with the design a god thread, and the creatures in project eternity thread. I present the Design a monster thread. I'll start: ----- The Ragman Ever wondered "Why does no-one do something to help those poor souls?" When the beggars come calling. I mean, not you, obviously, you'd love to help. Sometimes you even donate. But why isn't anything really done? The Ragman is why. Help the ragman and he'll take your place. And you become the Ragman. A shambling ragged creature, he looks like a pitiful man, down on his luck, shaking with a small cup. He's a true picture of sadness, engineered to play the heartstrings of those bleeding hearts. The weak. He seems just sad. quiet and sometimes mumbling. You never actually listen, you give him a coin and then leave. Big mistake. The moment you put something in his cup, he will latch on to you, first your arm, then something hooks your legs, and before you know it more limbs, nay tentacles are grabbing on. His raggedy cloak envelops you, you feel yourself squeezed into it. gasping, the clothes fit you now, but they are ever so tight. You can hardly breathe, only maybe made the sounds of a soft mumble. the constricting grip of the clothes make you shake, shake the cup in your hand... And as you get up from your prone position, you see yourself, walking off... The Ragman has stolen your body. You are The Ragman now. But there is one hope... Maybe if someone puts a coin in your cup... Maybe. Thriving in the back-alleys in the poorest sections of big cities, no-one has ever done much about the issue. I mean, there are stories, sure, but they are to prevent the kids from going to those places. The Ragman preys on the weak, he will not attack groups but a single member, provided he's isolated enough (or seems that way), may find him or herself targeted by the constricting tentacle-monster. More likely, the player will encounter the rag-man preying on someone else, if the player is observant enough.
  4. http://www.fearnet.com/news/news-article/official-godzilla-2014-trailer-leaves-path-destruction-its-wake Looks entirely epic.
  5. I believe we've discussed this issue indirectly before, but I wanted to make a poll about it. This may seem like a small thing, but I think it's things like this that greatly determine the overall "feel" of the setting (comfortable, uncertain, risky, etc.). Keep in mind this only applies to the overworld; there could be hidden entrances to dungeons in areas considered "safe". Obviously this kind of thing would vary a bit from town to town depending on where they were located (ex. on the frontier, or in the heartland of a political state), but I still think that many RPGs demonstrate a pattern of quite abrupt (to the point of feeling artificial) transitions between civilization (urban centers) and wilderness (everything else), leaving civilized but rural areas out of the picture, so I am curious to hear other people's thoughts.
  6. Update by Bobby Null, Designer and Beast Master Greetings, everyone! I'm on update duty this week, and while this will be relatively brief, I'll give you a little insider info I hope you find interesting. Today we will be talking about the bestiary. Yeah, that's right... it's time to talk about monsters. One of my responsibilities has been creating the bestiary for Project Eternity. I'll admit, it's been a lot of work, but it's also been a lot fun. Like most of the things we do here at Obsidian, the process has been very collaborative. We have a few high-level goals regarding this process on Project Eternity. Creature Variety - The goal is to have a large library of creatures to use for the final game. Thus far, we're on track to meet this goal. The concept artists, modelers and animators have been tearing through the bestiary and delivering quality assets at a rapid pace. Recognizable is Good - We don't want to try to reinvent the wheel with every single monster. As we've shown in an earlier update, we feel some classic monsters, like the ogre, are essential to capture the adventuring feel we are aiming for. Moving forward, we are committed to including monsters that we feel fans will appreciate, while giving the beasties flavor appropriate to the world of Project Eternity. Different if Cool - We've already shown one of the unique creatures for Project Eternity in an earlier update, the skuldr. We will continue to create other unique, and often times bizarre, creatures to populate our world, but unique doesn't always need to feel bizarre. Different because it's cool is the goal. So now that I've briefly discussed our high level goals, let's talk about a new creature: The Cean GĂșla (KEN GOO-lah, "Blood Woman", Glanfathan), and the pipeline we use to get it through the concept phase. The creature idea is added to our bestiary document. Members of the team can comment on the document and share their thoughts/concerns on any given creature. The bestiary is updated based on feedback from the team. Some creatures get the thumbs up, while others get cut. An approved creature is then assigned to a concept artist. In the case of the cean gĂșla, Polina Hristova was in charge of this crucial step. The concept artist does a first pass, creating a series of thumbnail sketches (image above). The leads of the project review the thumbnails, choose a favorite, and provide the artist with feedback. The artist creates a final concept based on the feedback received (image above). Once approved, the creature continues down the pipe as it is now ready to be modeled by one of our character artists. We'll save the rest of the creature pipeline for another update. That's all for this week. As always, let us know what you think on our forums. See you in two weeks with an update from Rob Nesler. He'll be talking about the entire art team and what they've been up to. Kickin' It Forward: Jagged Alliance: Flashback Article by Josh Sawyer, Project Director If you're a fan of turn-based tactical RPGs, be sure to check out the Kickstarter project from Full Control, Jagged Alliance: Flashback. If you've played the classic Jagged Alliance games, you know they are challenging and incredibly fun. In particular, Jagged Alliance 2 features great freedom to explore the world, a huge array of gear, awesome tactical fights, and a large cast of colorful mercenaries with cool personality mechanics. Full Control have shown a lot of love for what made the Jagged Alliance games so memorable, including elements found in fan tweaks (like JA2's 1.13 community patch). They've got about a week to go in their campaign, so head on over and check it out!
  7. Yeah ... What is you favorite summoner and that do you think about summoners/ fammiliars in general ... I realy liked Ifrid from FF7 ...
  8. Friends, Why not list creature types, old or new, you'd like to see in P:E. Or just brainstorm some weird and wonderful creature combos as inspiration for game content. Some examples. Undead Variations - Ogre Mummy - Sand Wraith - Undead Troll - Undead Harpy - Drider Mummy Spider Variations Special Ability - Wraith Spider [Necrotic Damage | Fear] - Troll Spider [Regeneration] - Mage Spider [spellcasting | Spell Resistance] - Sand Spider [blindness] - Crypt Spider [Disease - Mummy Rot] - Festering Spider [Disease - Acid Pustules] - Werespider [Disease - Lycanthropy | Cursed] - Carrion Spider [Disease - Filth Fever | Nausea] - Bloat Spider [Poison | Quillfire] - Frost Spider [Creeping Cold | Slow] - Boneshard Spider [Vampiric Touch] - Swamp Spider [swamp Lung] - Rage Spider [berserk] - Spider Mummy [Disease - Infestation of Maggots] Others - Tauric Medusa - Dust Demon - Earthquake Beetle
  9. This therad is about dragons. I make this thread becouse i saw many discusion about them in other threads. My general opinion hav dragon shoud look like : The best head for Aquatic like dragon in my opinion And other for more elemental like And for undead dragon
  10. Anyone else here getting the feeling Obsidian is spreading themselves really thin with all this talk on BIG goals. And that Mega dungeons a WHOLE new story in itself if its the same creatures and monsters on "every" floor. Yeah, Just imagine it. This big huge world filled with a miniscule amount of wildlife and fauna, that after like two hours of playing you'd have seen near everything? Does that sound fun?! I can see it now, they'll be all like, "We got bears,wolves, and boars, that's a wrap for wild animals". And lets not get started with a lackluster variety of undead(there's more then zombies and skeletons), but I'm sure some folks don't even want to see "that". You know what I'd like to see, Maybe not as they are in our prehistoria... But I'd love to see dinosaurs, Yeah YOU can bet JURASS I'd like to see dinosaurs! Though once again I'm sure AGAIN people wouldn't want to see this either... Or better yet, how about some original Creations? Dungeons and Dragons was Bloated with the sort. From Carrion Crawlers, to Ankhegs, to Vrocks(You know, the demons)... And even I remember my first encounter with the now WAY overdone Gelatinous cube(still welcome sight) Do people even care if their adventure is full of bizarre creatures? Maybe folks really do just want to kill the same things... Over and over and over... And never want to slay something truly Bizarre and monstrous... I'm sure Obsidian knows this too... Do "you" care if they save their budget on this feature, and keep the creature variety limited to an amount countable on ones hands? If there were only "ten" creatures in the game(not including the main humanoid races), would that be something that hurts your enjoyment of this game? Hell, What creatures would you be upset "not" seeing? Or better yet, what creatures would you "BE" upset seeing?
  11. One thing I find that makes a big difference for me in games is monster variety. For example, one thing that I find realy disappointing about Skyrim is the slim selection of monsthers, there are basically just bandits, skeletons, vampires, dragons, trolls, animals, and a couple other minor ones that you hardly ever see like hagravens. I realy hope that PE can come up with a fun and varied selection of monster types. So, how do people feel about Greek Mythological monster types? I realize that Pegasus would probably be game-breaking if they could be tamed, but it could be made part of the lore of the game that they simply can not be tamed under any circumstance.
  12. Does anyone know if these types of creatures are confirmed to be in game? How do people feel about them if they are in the game?
  13. I've been thinking about the kinds of creatures and monsters which might inhabit the world of Project Eternity while adhering to the themes and the nature of the world. Here's a few main "types" I've come up with: 1. Soul-Swapped These are wildlife or people that have accidentally been assigned or possessed by other souls. Perhaps a person's soul was accidentally transfered to an animal, and both the physical animal and soul within become changed and twisted over time. This should allow an interesting menagerie of were-creatures - some good, some aggressive, while still adhering to the "natural" order in which the world works. 2. Corrupted Creatures or people who have had malevolent souls forced into them by necromancy or dark magic. There will be distinctive physical manifestations in many instances which would create an interesting assortment of twisted monsters. Evil mages may use these possessed creatures for protection or weapons. 3. Disembodied Souls These disembodied souls fail to complete the great cycle or have lost the ability to atune to living creatures, and thus become trapped in the physical realm for eons. They become either extremely wise as they observe the passage of time over many cycles, or become bitter and weary, as they are never allowed to die and be reborn. They often grow jealous of mortal beings, and this twists them into malevolent spirits. They either possess the area they were forcefully disembodied, or may wander aimlessly. Sometimes, they construct false bodies for themselves as a substitute for a real body. They can "possess" and animate a wide range of inanimate objects or forms - sometimes cobbled together haphazardly, sometimes fashioned meticulously over eons. To get even closer to their ultimate desire of inhabiting a living body, they often possess the dead. In combat, they can sometimes leave their physical form and attempt to wrestle with the souls of party members. Those with lesser powers may incapacitate the party member temporarily as they struggle, or sometimes very powerful souls may possess the party member and turn them against their friends temporarily. Only magic is capable of harming or destroying these souls. 4. The Godforged and the Abandoned. These entities are the results of attempt at creation by the gods. They either were forged to coexist with their makers in the god realm, or are abandoned creations which were never "born" into the physical realm. They are forged using soul energy, but do not possess souls as those on the physical realm do. These entities often reflect the nature of the god they are created by, and may be beautiful majestic creations or vile, ugly monstrosities. Because of their godly nature, they are rarely seen in the physical realm, but there exist certain phenomena which can open rifts between the two realms... What do you guys think? Are these ideas still too "conventional fantasy"? I suppose I've simply "justified" some conventional ideas for creatures/monsters by linking them with the idea of souls. Should Obsidian go for something more unique? How do you justify fantastical creatures in a fairly low fantasy and realistic setting? What are some of your ideas? It's definitely fun making this stuff up!
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