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  1. I still haven't gotten my download pledge yet so I had to say "on the fence"... I think my pledge page is broken...
  2. Human enemies are often so much more fun to fight against because they bring the full range of tactical options coded for your own party, whereas monsters are often one-diimensional. I like the idea of less is more, a smaller bestiary but with each creature type presenting unique tactical challenges or dimensions in some way. Otherwise, surely at least one type of enemy must exploit the stamina/health mechanic, e.g. slow heavy-hitters that drain health exclusively. I'm a reverse of this, to be fair. I'm not saying you can't have creatures without sophistication, I'm merely applyi
  3. It really has been too long since someone tackled the infinity engine in an attempt to make another fabulous game... Every time someone backs Project Eternity, They're lighting the signal fires of Gondor.
  4. Hearing that the list is "huge" gives me a good sense of security. I wonder what diabolical creations and artistic nightmares you've concocted for that menagerie you speak of... Hopefully things that surprise and appear unexpectedly...
  5. I think that's about my stance on this too. I too would rather have more beasts and fauna(be it plants and animals or demons and abominations) then simply more rooms to battle the same things I've already seen. The peasantry... er, "nobility" here however claim that creature variety comes included with the extra content to be added via the stronghold, mega dungeon, and extra city. I state that such luxuries are lackluster "without" the above too. I personally have to take such things on word. But I think we can all agree on this. A twenty floor dungeon loses some of its appeal
  6. I guess you didn't play Baldur's Gate 1 ? Carrion Crawler I've played both, and it was the first where I had this whole extravagant adventure... I think I was about thirteen years old when I played it... Still a young cat so the whole dungeons and dragons ruleset was completely new to me(and somewhat hard to learn walking in a blank slate). Hell... When's that Remake of this going to be done anyways...?
  7. Thinking back on Baldur's Gates creature compendium... They really did have a lot of good stuff in that game didn't they...? I dare say unexpected creatures would pop out "here, there". Hell... Reminds me of a stroll my characters took through the City sewers of that game once... !!!tALe tiME!~~ So this one time, I was going through the town. I hadn't saved in ages and found an entry way into the sewers. So I was walking through those sewers(still hadn't saved). And was Assailed by kobolds. Now in Baldurs Gate, kobolds were a "RIOT" to kill, They'd bark and holler and like lay
  8. OH man, Story of gaming right there. I swear in Dragon Age my character herself said, "Oh, it looks like more darkspawn." and I was all like, "YOU THINK?!". That had to have been the worst case of this problem in any game ever made. Swear it was a traumatizing effect. I don't think Dragon Age II even worked on fixing that... Hell mighta been worse... Anyone know if DA2 Had a larger or smaller beastiary of creatures then DA1?
  9. Anyone else here getting the feeling Obsidian is spreading themselves really thin with all this talk on BIG goals. And that Mega dungeons a WHOLE new story in itself if its the same creatures and monsters on "every" floor. Yeah, Just imagine it. This big huge world filled with a miniscule amount of wildlife and fauna, that after like two hours of playing you'd have seen near everything? Does that sound fun?! I can see it now, they'll be all like, "We got bears,wolves, and boars, that's a wrap for wild animals". And lets not get started with a lackluster variety of undead(there's
  10. Nuff classes already. I still voted for the necromancer/demonologist thing however because thats of the mages domain. As far as anyones concerned, its potentially already in. And thats a good thing.
  11. I think their existance is acceptable. I don't see the overarcing need for them to be purchaseable or necessary however. Something guards in town are seen ontop of and maybe a few random battles you fight NPC's on them. Little more. "CERTAINLY" not a resource drain to more important better features. But added yes. Thats appropriate, They add a level of brutality to the front line of any battlefield, look at movies and battlefield art, Ive drawn art based off of battlefields, Its my favorite subject to portray(dare I say specialty). Its probably infact ingrained on your head to be
  12. I want an abode that ingame seems like it was worth a 200'000$ investment. Aka that 200'000 space bux were invested into this feature. There are kickstarter games out there that work off far less then even "this". Just saying... off of that statement alone... ehh, Maybe something a bit class dependant? Or that is filled with features unique for each class. The wizard would perhaps adore a lab and library, while the Fighter would sure find a forge/blacksmith and perhaps sparring partners useful(an army or keep mayhaps?). Furthermore, I would like some quests given by the abode in
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