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  1. It sounds like this topic is about many different issues. But for those of you having the issue of the screen being solid black on game launch and Cmnd+F not working this is what you can do: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/80092-fix-screen-solid-black-on-launch-mac/
  2. So, launched your game and everything's black but you can hear the music and see your mouse cursor? Its a bug in Fullscreen. I've discovered many ways to fix it. Firstly, what's happening is that it is not in Fullscreen, its windowed, but the game is telling it to black out everything. The intended purpose is blackening unused screen space when running the game at a lower resolution while the monitor is at a higher resolution. Fullscreen fails so it reverts to a window, and the game is programmed so that when it is set to the monitor resolution it goes into Fullscreen even if Fullscreen is unc
  3. @Everyone thank you for your replies and advice, I appreciate it. I was just wondering though: I read online that the average pay for a Game Designer is $55,400 which sounds decent, but I also heard that they can start as low as $38k/year. I was just curious if anyone has personal knowledge regarding the anual income of game designers. @Osvir I actually ran a small business out of my home for 3 years, building and selling custom computers, gift cards, calendars, and some basic software that wasn't very good because I don't know much about computer programming. But I did write a few mods fo
  4. Video Games are a huge part of my life, I'm one of those people that tries to see every last detail in every game I play, and I'm constantly thinking of ways they could be improved and coming up with new ideas for games. I originally went to college for Electronics Engineering but dropped out to work full time (been working mostly in labor, rarely I get some programming work). I'm planning on going back to school this year and I really think video game design is what I want to do. But I've only just thought of it as a practical career choice, and have just started looking into it. Since Obsidi
  5. I think you should get rid of the ++ system altogether. It is fatuous, I never understood that. If it is magically imbued, just list the magical benefit of + to armor or damage under the weapon/armor's statistics/magic abilities. And to make a larger variety like you were saying, there already is a solution, Blizzard Entertainment did over a decade ago with Diablo, and it's based on realism. If you find a weapon or armor, its base statistics (damage, armor, etc) are randomly generated from a range depending on the type/grade of the equipment. So the exact same piece of equipment doesn't alwa
  6. Today I discovered a game on Kongregate.com with an interesting character progression system that I really loved a lot. The game is called Arkandian Explorer what do you think of this style of character progression? There are no classes, just multiple races, It is not level-based or skill-based, aside from magic spells which anyone can learn. There are a number of statistics, such as weapon attack, weapon defense, blocking, dodging, archery, blacksmithing, leadership, bargaining, and a whole lot more, which are used in calculating the success of actions in and outside of battle. They're incre
  7. That's very rude. Its not "dead" It hasn't been inactive for very long. I still haven't received responses to my last message, and the addition of the Stronghold adds new content to the discussion of this thread. The point of this thread, if you read it, was to discuss what features would improve the player house and the game, and now that it's going to be a stronghold the range of that has widely increased, creating additional content to the topic of discussion here. If I thought that there was no point to reminding contributors of this thread that it exists, I would not have posted. So if yo
  8. And now with the Stronghold, (3.0 Million stretch goal) that's going to rock.
  9. How do you think I found this thread? Project Eternity KickStarter Update #22. http://www.kickstart...ty/posts/327839 I thought everyone read them. They're emailed to me automatically for donating to the KickStarter project. They're also here on the forum: http://forums.obsidi...one-trolls-you/ I never said it was a quote from this thread. I'm still catching up on them, I just read #22 yesterday. (I've got 6 more to go still) I was unhappy enough with what I read to search for this thread and post my preference. Since things aren't set in stone yet. That's what we keep hearing, but on
  10. Now that I remember it, I really liked how weapon skill worked in Baldur's Gate. I really like all of your suggestions for that matter, if we're taking it to a vote. I hope they read this thread and consider all the suggestions that people have made here when setting up how things work in the game, instead of just reading the original post and just doing this: We are working hard to make Project Eternity revive the spirit of the older IE games, and this includes making leveling up an important accomplishment, one that makes your character feel substantially more powerful afterward. I
  11. I don't want to feel threatened by a rat for any amount of time. o.o I hope they have real enemies, even a dog would be a better enemy. But rats and cats aren't really threatening. I'd like to first say I am not knocking your gaming preference, if that's what you like good for you. But I absolutely hate games like that and won't even play them a lot of the time. I hate the idea of low level caps, and I hate the idea of the level cap growing with an expansion, it feels like I'm being conned, because my character can't get any better after a point unless I pay more money to buy the expa
  12. Not exactly like FF2 of course, it was designed ages ago games have progressed a lot since then. I just meant for example, instead of earning overall player experience which allows you to jump in any skills and abilities you want when you level up, have experience earned in every thing individually. Like every time you pick a lock, you gain experience towards leveling in lockpick skill. Sure this could potentially create more work for player growth, but not if the game is made right. And the normal play style is to me as gaining a level every minute would be to you, it just seems silly and too
  13. I kind of like fast level progression with low power growth, its more realistic and you can improve your character more often. Although my favorite method for character growth is getting rid of the level system altogether, like in Final Fantasy 2. I mean in reality, its not like if you do 100 pushups a day for a month you don't get any stronger, then all of a sudden over night you're buff. Or you take a class on a subject and don't learn anything or get better at what the class is for until its over and then suddenly your skill at it jumps. And it really doesn't make sense for someone to sudde
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