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  1. For me as well. I got the same email and HOPE to get the CE-Box today. Such a big country, even such a big city with 500K inhabitants and no game yet... Damn do I hate this.... ) Well, I got my email, dated 27th march, from paradox that says your swag is on the way and estimated delivery between 3-9 April. It is 17 April today and no delivery yet. When I check the delivery track no from USPS website, it says its in transit. Still waiting. I'm in Dubai by the way.
  2. I am in Dubai. I got an email on March 27, but still waiting to receive my goodies. Delivery tracker says it is still on the way. By the way, estimated delivery date was mentioned as 3th-9th April in the email.
  3. Well, I went down that underground temple in gilded vale with 3 chars and it is quite challenging. Aloth dies way too quickly as these shadow and shades teleport and jump on him. On hard, I only could manage 2-3 group fights by resting twice. Using fast weapons with DR by pass is effective. Using my cipher's whisper of treason is a must. Use Aloth's flame spell before its too late. also, these shadow guys fire DR is 4, so i gave Edear a torch as a off hand weapon to het the advantage of fire damage. Anyway, it seems your party should have at least 4 people to dive into these ruined t
  4. I created two characters; one human and one wood elf. i chose wood elf, which gives accuracy bonus when you are away from the enemies, if i am forced to use ranged weapons just in case while my char has low health during combats. Edit: i don't know how my post split in two? Maybe because of posting by smart phone?
  5. might 18 dex 15 Con 10 int 17 per and res is 9. Will this stats let you stand a chance during combat? So question is weapon choice? Should go for 2h or dual wield? Because of per and res, deflection is not that good. So comes the armor issue. Cloth or medium armor? comments, ideas, other build suggestions are welcome.
  6. You have tiny dragon, pig and a hound as pets? I have only pig and dragon. I'd prefer hound instead of pig.
  7. the game is better and more playable with the new update. i hope it keeps getting better and better... my biggest complain is about stamina-health thing. this system was supposed to prevent rest spamming but currently its worse i think. after one or two combat, i need rest for my party because fighter or any of the front-liners are at the bottom of their health, while the rest of the group is fine. i am walking in cave and have to rest at least 1-2 times, if i have camping supplies. otherwise go back to inn all the way. there should be per rest spells for health healing. one more thing;
  8. ok, started playing today with a cipher character for a copule of hours. no need to mention bugs that everyone already talking about. for me; - combat is too fast and i cant tell who attacks who or does what! - environment looks cool but again in combat if hostiles or my characters stand behind a tree or alike, i cant see them; no character highlight at all or transparency... - and the attributes, it seems confusing. how these attributes effects my ciphers abilities? if i choose the exact same attributes for a paladin or cipher, what will be the difference between these two characters?
  9. Friday, December 19th 2014 for Europe release. however, it may differ for NA and AU or other parts of the world.
  10. hmm, i just managed to complete my order and shipping info. after getting lots of error msgs i tried a while later and it just worked. so anyone who gets error just keep trying.
  11. i upgraded my pledge and trying to finalize the order to pay the extras but i get the same error msg just like most of the backers in here. any solutions or suggestions? and it seems i haven't have my backer badge yet.
  12. What kind of weapon types should the game mechanics allow us? Should characters be able to use same size weapons like katana and long sword or off hand weapons should be smaller in size? Also, should the game restrict us to use different types of weapons like you will not be able to use long sword as main and flail as off hand weapon? What's your opion and choices?
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