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  1. Yes I am using GSYNC and pointing me to this thread helped me solve my problem. Game runs again with high fps. Thank you very much friend
  2. Before last patch I could play flawlessly with 100+ fps. Since the last patch (1.0.2) this game has becoma a diashow. I have massive FPS drops even on the world map when traveling with my ship.
  3. I tried tild. not working. thats why I asked here. ...
  4. I have this little dragon, the black hound and the pig. All they do is standing around and do not attack enemies in combat. Why should I take them with me???
  5. made an account and gave 10/10 never cared for metacritics and never will again
  6. minimap is not needed. map sizes are not that big. And in Real Life there is not minimap either. use your brain
  7. I agree 100% Intellekt as Weapons name needs to be fixed. I also need an option to deactivate voice overs as listening to englisch and simultaneously trying to read in german is impossible as hell
  8. yes this is bull****. its already 11am here and still no POE. **** DRM!
  9. So when will this be activitated? Local time midnight or a fix global date? If last how can I hack this BS? :D
  10. Ok here my feedback after 1 hour of playing. This is not a Beta. This is an Alpha at max. So many things are incomplete its not fun to play at all. Lets get into the details - the sound is a complete disaster so far. Sound does not play at all, delayed or at different levels of volume - the music is nice - footstep sound need to be a lot louder - background graphics are nice - but too static. trees and grass need to move in the wind - the characters need to contrast more to the background. they are very hard to see - characters when walking by the river mirror in the river.
  11. Holy ****. Shut down my computer went for a last smoke before going to bed. randomly checked my emails a last time for today and then I get a Beta notification. WTF! computer is running, download started and what did I say about sleep? Forget it! Not tonight! Damn! Cant wait. 30min to go
  12. in the next couple of months? boy thats very vague. I would love to see some more gameplay footage much earlier. why the press? we made this happen so we should get to see something....
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